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July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

by Aeternus_EA

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July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

EA Community Manager

**Servers will be down 7/28 11 AM PT - 1 PM PT for the update**


New Features

  • Added station markers within Giddy Park to improve navigation to points of interest. 
  • New Weekly Events featuring playable horde characters
  • Adding Private Play; available through the Multiplayer Terminal  

Balance Tuning


  • Revive
    • No longer ends Pea Suped or Space Force
    • No longer ends healing if Super Savior upgrade is equipped
    • Plant visual indicator now green to not get confused with Sunflower healing
  • Upgrade Rough Patch
    • Increase time before Overhealth starts to decay, 10->30


  • Spikeweed
    • Increase rate of damage so it is easier to identify if victim is ensnared
    • Decrease damage to offset rate of damage from above
    • Decrease arming delay 2->1 sec
  • Grody Goop
    • Decrease initial damage when acquiring toxic, 45->40
    • Decrease duration of toxic 15->13 sec
    • Toxic element is removed on victim vanquish

Kernel Corn

  • Shogun Guard
    • Increase projectile final velocity post drag, 420->500 m/s
    • Increase shield regen rate 10->12.5 health/sec
    • Decrease regen delay when lowering shield 2->1 sec
    • Decrease regen delay when shield is destroyed 5->1 sec
    • Increase min health requirement after shield has been destroyed 12.5->25 health
  • Shuck Shot
    • Increase movement speed when firing, speed multiplier 0.5->1.0
  • Husk Hop
    • Remove camera restriction for improved aiming
  • Upgrade Happy Feet
    • Fix issue with upgrade not getting removed when vanquished

Night Cap

  • Spore Strike
    • Increase accuracy, 3.2->2.8
    • Increase air accuracy, additional jump angle 3->1
  • Fung Fu
    • Fix issue with Fung Fu being activated while in Shadow Sneak
  • AI
    • Fix issue with Night Cap using abilities and primary weapon while in Shadow Sneak


  • Upgrade Calibrated
    • Decrease decay time that upgrade is active, 0.075->0.5 per second
    • Increase charge rate per damage event, 0.15->0.35


  • Blue Blazes
    • Adjust projectile spawn location to better match mouth location when firing
    • Decrease how much movement affects projectile speed, 0.35->0%
    • Decrease time until homing starts, 0.85-> 0.35 sec


  • Juiced Upgrade
    • Fix issue with weapon taking longer to start, deploy time 1.5->1.05

Acorn & Oak

  • Acorn Dash
    • Now gains two charges
  • Treetop Turret
    • Increase damage 4.6->5
    • Decrease overheat rate 0.0175->0.0115 heat/shot
    • Fix issue with not dealing critical damage
  • Lumber Support
    • Can now grant overhealth
  • Upgrade Nutty Feedback
    • Update text to read “Gain ammo for Shell Shot or Wood Grief by dealing damage.” Old text did not reflect the effect on Oak’s weapon.


  • Imp Blasters
    • Increase rate of fire 700->725 rpm
    • Increase accuracy in air, additional jump dispersion 3->1.2
    • Decrease projectile velocity post drag 200->150 m/s
    • Decrease accuracy when aiming, dispersion multiplier 0.5->0.65
    • Decrease recoil when aiming, recoil multiplier 1.0->0.85
    • Fix aim bug that was increasing rate of fire
  • Gravity Grenade
    • Fix gameplay effects on victims lasting after vanquish
  • Mech Deploy
    • Fix issue with Imp not taking damage while calling in Mech

Super Brainz

  • Brainium Basher 9001
    • Charge attack doesn’t happen if caught in spikeweed
  • Heroic Fists
    • Fix issue with Alpha Better Shield canceling attack follow-through for each punch
  • Alpha Better Shield
    • Can activate sprint while shield is up, removing need to lower shield first
  • Upgrade Speed Bag
    • Update text to read “Heroic Fists punch faster and Brainium Basher 9001 charges faster by earning a vanquish. Upgrade can stack up to three times.” Old text did not reflect the effect on Legendary Upgrade.
  • Upgrade Extra Special
    • Fix issue with shield being lost post Super Ultra Ball if it was used throughout ability

80s Action Hero

  • Bow Blaster
    • Now has camera recoil

Electric Slide

  • Funky Bouncer
    • Restrict victims from using sprint

Space Station 

  • Orbital Strike
    • Fix issue with enemy homing weapons not homing to the correct location


  • Upgrade Applying Pressure
    • Fix the issue with screen effects not getting removed when enemy is vanquished


  • Steam Blaster
    • Decrease overall damage per blast 71->60, shift damage from initial blast to latter part of blast
    • Decrease ammo 5->4


  • Co-Star
    • Fix issue with Goatify making Wizard not attach and get stuck in Co-Star mode making him invincible
  • Upgrade Two-Headed Dragon
    • Fix issue with Wizard becoming stuck in Co-Star mode making him invincible


Major Bugs Fixed

  • Wizard’s Upgrade Two-Headed Dragon is fixed
  • Fixing Water in Turf takeover Resort 
  • Performance improvements to Resort TT + map being put back into playlist rotation 
  • Mount Steep gnome button fixed 
  • Wizard invincibility fix 
  • Wizard default gestures second fix attempt

Detailed Challenge tuning

  • Action Hero: "Land Hits with the Bow Blaster" Completion Value 500 --> 250
  • Scientist:  "Deal Primary Weapon Damage" Completion Value 5,000 --> 3,000
  • Scientist: "Revive Allies" Completion Value 20 --> 15
  • Citron: "Land Hits with Spin Dash" Completion Value 100 --> 50
  • Citron: "Defend with Peel Shield" Completion Value 5,000 --> 3,500
  • Peashooter: "Score Direct Hits with Pea Cannon" Completion Value 200 --> 100
  • Peashooter: "Pea Suped Damage" Completion Value 2,500 --> 2,000
  • Pirate: “Full Charge Spyglass Shot Vanquishes" --> “Land Fully Charged Spyglass Shots" (50)
  • Pirate: “Deal Damage with Barrel Blast” Completion Value 300 --> 1500
  • Pirate: Deal Damage with Parrot Pal” Completion Value 800 --> 500
  • Pirate: Post-Anchor Shot Vanquish Completion Value 15 --> 5
  • Mushroom: Vanquish Support Heroes Completion Value 30 --> 15
    • Added Wizard to viable target
  • Sunflower: Sunbeam Vanquishes Completion Value 100 --> 25
    • To bring the challenge more in line with Peashooter’s Pea Gatling Challenge.


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Re: July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

[ Edited ]
★ Guide

Acorn does not need two dashes. 

Also no ai aimbot fix?

Message 2 of 51 (11,021 Views)

Re: July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

★★ Expert
@Aeternus_EA Thanks for these. But why the increased Acorn mobility. Hopefully the goop has been nerfed enough. It does seem the notes aren't as extensive as last time, so hopefully it's more balanced.
Message 3 of 51 (11,004 Views)

Re: July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

★★★★ Guide
@Aeternus_EA I don't really understand the need for the imp nerf and acorn buff, but otherwise, this seems like a good update. Chomper isn't as op at least and steam looks more balanced, thanks man.
Message 4 of 51 (10,850 Views)

Re: July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

★★★★★ Novice

that buff is still not good to help imp, plus it took you guys 10 months to fix invincible imp? I feel like he's now rendered as useless.

Message 5 of 51 (10,820 Views)

Re: July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

★★★★★ Expert

Good stuff overall. Some feels a little odd (like did Acorn need a 2nd dash?), but am especially glad to see spikeweed catching brainium bashers and steam blaster getting nerfed. 


Hope the wizard issues are all fixed. A really fun character (which is why we want to see Berry Brigade and Iceberg Lettuce getting done!), and would like to use two headed dragon for PvE again, it's not as good in PvP since you get sniped off teammates' heads pretty easily.


I really hope Tourist Trap Island's performance issues have been fixed. I never had any issues with it due to my rig I presume, but obviously a lot did. 



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Re: July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

★★ Guide

Looking forward to both of these:


  • New Weekly Events featuring playable horde characters
  • Adding Private Play; available through the Multiplayer Terminal  


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Re: July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

[ Edited ]
★★★★★ Pro

So it is just a weekly event for the horde mode and do you guys just hate imp or something?


I like the steam blaster nerf but his warps and heals are still going to be a problem.


Two dash acorn just seems ridcoulos

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Re: July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

★★★★ Expert

The balancing changes seem to be rather nice.

I agree that acorn didn't need a second dash, but it shouldn't impact the overall balancing by much.

Private play with all the settings sound awesome!

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Re: July Update (7/28) Detailed Patch Notes

★ Pro
@Aeternus_EA Thanks for the detailed balances! I agree with most of the changes though wonder why Acorn now has two dashes; felt like they could've stuck to the one and made it go farther but I'll have to play to find out.
Also, it looks like next months' characters for challenges will be either 80's Action Hero, Scientist, Captain Deadbeard, Citron, Peashooter, Nightcap, or Sunflower because they got challenge tuning.
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