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Re: build and stat web app

by Kyngston_SGFW

Original Post build and stat web app

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I just made this:


You can use it to view your stats, optimize your builds, and share them with others.


My Storm build

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Re: build and stat web app

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Great idea and it shows, unfortunately, more skill than any Bioware or EA Dev. I'll keep it bookmarked in hopes that I can eventually get my money out of this game, someday maybe.

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Re: build and stat web app

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I can says this is great work (still wip) but excellent so far. One has been following this chaps work on reddit.

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Re: build and stat web app

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its funny that you kids imagine there being "builds" in this game. when you "build" something you CHOOSE the materials you use, in anthem you use whatever garbage lands in your inventory.

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Re: build and stat web app

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yea I feel young again as been called a kid. Thank you you have knocked 35 years off my age - woohoo. Ouch I still don't bounce off the floor like I used too. :'( Maybe not then. Wink


Builds do make a difference come on....

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Re: build and stat web app

Where did you get your assumptions for the base amount of armor and shields each javelin has before adding components?


Thanks for all the work!

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Re: build and stat web app

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Initially I didn't.  I only reported the +armor and +shields number as stated on the gear.

Some folks had estimated the base amounts to be ~800 split differently between armor/shields for each class.

So it turns out if your base armor is in the ballpark of 400, it actually plays a small roll in your final armor value for a 788 jav with +8k armor on your gear.

It's the difference between 8k and 8.4k which is an error of only 5 % if the real base armor value was zero.


Since there's no way to really validate the exact numbers in game, I figured a ballpark estimate within 5-10% is fine.

What I think is more useful, is that when comparing your build to someone else's build, it can still provide you a relative measure of resilience, even if the absolute numbers are inaccurate.


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