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Re: Javelin Popularity

by MrSandman777

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Javelin Popularity

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What seems to be most and last popular?

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Re: Javelin Popularity

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I think they are all pretty spread out, though i do see a lot of colossus and strorm players. I think the ranger is one i see the least of.


I myself prefer the colossus, really enjoy playing it, and i dont mind the interceptor sometimes, ranger and storm i hardly touch just cant get the mojo with them.

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Re: Javelin Popularity

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From what I've personally experienced, Storm is the most used javelin--Ranger the least used.
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Re: Javelin Popularity

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ive noticed it as:


I happen to like the ranger, once you get the hang of dodging and moving, you can do alot of damage.
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Re: Javelin Popularity

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Ranger main here.


They are pretty even spread out in the GM difficulties.

Often times running perfect squads with strangers.


I have seen it all.

Sometimes matched with 3 colossus players, hella fun because i prime and they all are smashing like hulk 



But yeah seems to be pretty even from my experience so far.


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Re: Javelin Popularity

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I'd believe storm is the most used. Trolling the battlefield laying waste to mobs while hovering in one spot high above the action is a great feeling. Ice Blast prime and Burning Orb detonate.


I can go entire missions without touching my actual weapons on the lower difficulties. I'll probably switch to Ranger for a bit to switch up the gameplay.

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Re: Javelin Popularity

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ranger is the least popular, its only benefit to the team is its combo. interceptor does better damage, storm does better damage, even colossus can AOE more than a ranger can single target lol. ranger requires some god rolls on its gear to be relevant in gm2+ because from what i see, ranger is the ONLY class that has to sacrifice blast or impact damage to boost the other. want to kill shields? nerf ur ultimate and grenades and devastator rifle. want to have a strong ultimate and do good aoe damage for some reason even though everyone else is better than ranger for it? u lose all ur single target damage. all the end game gear bonuses for ranger focus on melee damage too LOL.

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