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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

by warlune1

Original Post

Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

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★★★★ Guide

The freezing projectiles (seeking cryo glaives I think), followed by the Charged Wrath. 

With aura equipped as bonus, you can even get an explosions and effects applied as AOE when the mobs explose after you charge at them Standard smile


Can get a lot of boom boom in a large group of trash mobs Standard smile

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

★★★★★ Novice

I feel like your build is the one I'm slowly moving towards as I get the pieces. That and using the Interceptor's ultimate to save a team instead of DPS'ing a boss sound very much like my experience at the moment.
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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

Right now for my Ranger, I'm using:


Assault Launcher: Tactical Onslaught(Venom Darts)


Weapons: Primary - Artinia's Gambit

                 Secondary - Thunderbolt of Yvenia


Grenade: Grand Opening(Seeker Grenade)


Components: Vanguard's Badge, Airborne Advantage, Elemental Ops, Tip of the Spear, Firearm Calibration Core, and Thermal Regulator


Support Gear: Bulwark Point


I'm really enjoying using the two Weapon Combinations I have, because Thunderbolt of Yvenia has electric blast damage, and also increases the damage of the Artinia's Gambit LMG that I'm using.


I'd say I have a pretty good Loadout and do a lot of Damage High five


Here's a picture of my Ranger:


Desktop Screenshot 2019.03.01 -


- iluminate


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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

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★ Guide

Use the speed!

Switching from long distance attacks to very up close melee can be really effective. Spending too much time at the distance in between can be a quick death for the Interceptor.


Trying not to reveal too much.


I'll carry a machine pistol and a sniper rifle. From a safe distance taking shots at tougher targets and then swooping in to melee through as many as possible before jumping back out as we start to take damage. It's often surprising how long we can last chaining together melee attacks.


The machine pistol spits out enough quick damage to clean up a couple minions or finish off a low health lieutenant or boss. (when nothing too big is lurking).


The venom cone is awesome when sprinting in to use melee attacks but requires some practice to get the distance right. Venom Spray then Melee or Spark Dash is a nice up close combo. Alternately, Wraith Strike is nice at lower levels but not a combo attack which may be needed at higher levels.


Being fast = the ability to rez fellow javelins at times where others might get spotted trying.


Also note this jav can jump 3x.


Hopefully this is helpful.

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

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★★★★ Guide



Personally i go all lightning because you need to bring the thunder remember..


I use Spark Dash and Detonating strike for all lightning and use Conductivity Augment to buff both.. At the moment i'm not running masterworks because i need the luck from my purple drops to get more..


Remember to keep moving and use the Evade as much as you can.

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

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Only just hit 24 hours of playtime, and still level 14 (I’m one of those weirdos that like to take their time), so I can’t really comment on the endgame loadouts, but I want my Interceptor badge (I want to collect them all!) so I’ll just describe my Ranger loadout for now. I reserve the right to post another one (with screenshots) by the end of the week.


Since I have the LoD edition, Light of the Legion and Fist of the Mountain have been the mainstays of my build so far (I got them, so might as well use them, right?) One is a Legendary version of the Scout MM rifle, the other is basically a Legendary Pulse Blast. This leaves me with a choice of a Support System, Grenades, secondary weapon, and however many components I have available at any given level.


Early on I’ve tried to run a self-primer build with FotM as a detonator (and melee as a secondary primer), and that works well enough when solo. But lately I’ve found that it often makes me less effective in a group. Ranger only seems to have a choice between fire and frost primers as far as grenades are concerned. Both of which are problematic because often times someone ends up priming the target with the opposite element by the time my grenade lands, making me ruin someone else’s setup.


This could theoretically be solved by trying to coordinate better, but ultimately I ended up choosing to just run with a dual detonator build and focusing on the targets that have a fair bit of health. To that end, I love the sticky grenade as a secondary detonator, because it’s a lot easier to aim than normal grenades, and it looks cool as heck when it goes off. It also doesn’t take *that* long to actually detonate – if you’re in melee range, you might have just about enough time for a quick priming after you throw the grenade before it explodes. It also seems to have a fairly quick recharge rate, which definitely helps.


Sticky grenade also seems to be more of a single-target damage ability, which suits my chosen role as a focused damage dealer. The other detonator grenade option is Frag Grenade, if I remember correctly, but that is more of an area detonator, which is more of a Colosus specialty. As a Ranger, I generally try to follow the Interceptor of the team and focus on the heavy targets, while leaving it up to the Colossus and the Storm to play to their strengths and wreak havoc on everything else.


Another note on the utility of the Fist of the Mountain – if you hit the Scar Enforcer’s shield with it at just the right angle, it staggers the Enforcer and leaves it open for a brief moment, which can also be quite useful. It also often tends to blast those annoying hovering enemies (Hunters, Furies, Elementalists) straight out of the sky, even if it doesn’t take down their shields per se. I’m not really sure if that effect extends to the regular Pulse Blast, but I imagine it should.


For the secondary weapon I’ve been partial to Light Machineguns so far, since they work well against the shields while also letting you stay out of immediate melee range. This gives me weapon options to working with both shields and armor. FotM also seems fairly decent against shields, somehow, despite being more of a “one, heavy hit” type of ability. I’m guessing it’s the fact that it’s kind of an energy blast.


For the Support System, the only two I’ve really seen so far for the Ranger are Muster Point (bonus weapon damage) and Rally Point (area shield). At first I usually ran with Rally Point in case I needed to revive somebody, but practice shows that on Hard difficulty it gives you just barely enough time for that at best, and at worst it collapses before you’re finished, leaving you downed right next to the person you were trying to revive.


So I’ve been running with Muster Point for a while recently. However, that one is also tricky to use for maximum effect. Ideally I would look for when the Colossus breaks out the Autocannon to pop it nearby, but that makes it extremely situational. Not all players also realize that you retain the bonus even after leaving the area of effect. As it is, it’s still more or less a flip flop for me between those two.


For the Components, I currently have four slots for them available. I am using shields and armor reinforcements (they really help on Hard), the Ranger component with 50% damage bonus to combos (if I recall correctly), and I think the LMG ammo component (which helps put Havoc on somewhat more even footing with Light of the Legion.


Once I surpass the 18 Power Level gear and have an excuse to leave FotM behind, I plan on trying to replace it with the Acid Darts. Acid seems like a really useful and really underrated status effect, which in your average group is often only applied by the Interceptor, if at all. But Interceptors have a very good reason to run with the ice primer instead, since it helps them survive in melee range. On the other hand, as a Ranger I tend to stay at mid-long range a lot of the time, so strategically softening heavily armored targets seems like a neat trick to have up my sleeve.


I’m probably also going to replace LotL with Sledgehammer (the “heavy light machinegun”), which will let me take advantage of the LMG bonus from the component while having a weapon that presumably does slightly better against armor. Plus I love how it goes “tat tat tat” – which is an important consideration!


But I’ll miss both of my Legendaries and remember them fondly, until I (hopefully) get the actual proper Legendary versions of them at a later point.


(No screenshots for now because I’d have to go through hundreds of them and pick the best one, and that would take another hour. Maybe next time)

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

★★★★★ Novice

@Umagon-1 wrote:

The loadout I use on my interceptor is named a Liquid Tiberium and like its name it was designed to bring mass devastation for every occasion. It has strong aoe melee, close range fire support and long-range fire support. It can set fire, electric, ice status primers and self-detonate each depending on the situation requirements. The best inscriptions for the build are plus to physical damage, critical damage, armor max, shield max, gear charges, any resistance, and ultimate speed. First, I will go over the gear used and why it is used then I will talk about the combo chains and interaction strategies.



Ralner’s Blaze: This assault rifle will set the fire status primer on targets after five hits. Allowing for combos with the secondary weapon and the interceptor’s melee detonator. Ralner’s Blaze also quickly removes npc’s shields which support the team by removing target’s shields, placing a burning damage over time effect and setting the fire primer status at the same time.


Truth of Tarsis: This sniper rifle will set off chain combos on targets under status effects when hitting weak points. It also has a large blast damage aoe on target impact. It can combo with Ralner’s Blaze or the either one of the strike or assault systems. The sniper rifle allows for far range team support and quick removal of npc’s turrets, heavy’s carrying a physical shields and snipers.



Assault System: Absolute Zero, the upgraded cryo glaive will create an ice explosion when hitting a target below you. It also sets the ice status primer on all targets hit. Which allows for combo with both Ralner’s Blaze Truth of Tarsis, and the interceptor’s melee attacks. And Absolute Zero freezes targets in place while also doing damage to shields.


Strike System: Cariff’s Talon, the upgraded version of detonating strike. It will set the electric status on the target, and do a large electrical explosion while repairing the interceptor’s armor by 35% when the target dies.  The explosion will to massive damage to all targets in the area and remove or severely damage shielded enemies. It can combo with the Truth of Tarsis and the interceptor’s melee attacks.


Support System: Rally Cry: Clears status effects for the team and has interactions with one of the components used in the loadout.



Conductive Lattice: Increases the electrical damage, the interceptor’s electrical resistance and gear cooldown all by 20%. It also does a electric explosion on tree melee hits which will quickly remove shields from all targets in range of the explosion. This explosion has no cooldown so it happens every third hit and hits hard even on non-shielded targets. It combines with Cariff’s Talon to quickly drop target’s shields and bolster the interceptor’s aoe capabilities.


Way of Integration: For this build it is used for it’s increases in acid damage resistance and it will increase all damage by 30% for five seconds when gear hits targets twice in a row. This gear hit streak will also count if the strike or support system has two charges and both are used. This damage increase can be gained at close range and at far range if Absolute Zero has a two charge inscription.


Survival Algorithm: Increases the shields by 35% and lowers the armor by -35%. Clearing negative status with Rally Cry will repair the interceptor shield by 20%. The loss of armor can be offset by getting the right inscriptions.


Way of the Bold: Increases the damage the interceptor’s pulse aura by 40% and will repair armor by 20% when defeating enemies with melee attacks.


Way of Resolve: Increases melee damage by 10% and when a dash is preformed it increases the melee damage by another 40%. Because it only takes one dash to trigger the effect it’s up time in combat is very high. And pairs with Conductive Lattice, and Way of Integration to provide a high amount of damage in melee range.


Elusive Talisman: Increases the weapon damage on Ralner’s Blaze and Truth of Tarsis by 25% and dashing three times will refill the magazine. Allowing for reduced need of ammo pickups.


The Build’s Strongest Combo Chains and Strategies


Melee Range

Tiberium Bomb: Fly or jump into a large group of enemies and dash once toward the weakest non-shielded target and hit it with Cariff’s Talon followed by using Absolute Zero followed by three melee attacks. Dashing will trigger Way of Resolve and using two systems in a row will activate Way of Integration. Cariff’s Talon will prime the target with electrical and Absolute Zero will freeze them in place while priming it with the ice status effect. The melee attack will detonate Cariff’s Talon giving the interceptor the electrical aura damage which will be increased by Way of the Bold. When the target dies around the third hit Cariff’s Talon will set off a huge electrical explosion along with Conductive Lattice. It will wipe out large groups of targets both shielded and non-shielded in the area.


Tiberium Winter: While above a group of targets use Absolute Zero follow it up with Cariff’s Talon drop in then melee attack to gain the frost aura and freeze all of the enemies around the prime target and keep melee attacking while weaving dashes to keep Way of Resolve up and triggering Conductive Lattice. The result will be that additive targets are frozen in place while the team can deal with the isolated shielded and elite targets. And the electrical explosions will help remove the shields quickly.


Close Range

Fire Storm: Use Ralner’s Blaze on a target to set the burning status, followed by dashing forward towards the target then melee it three times to get the fire aura and set all the enemies the area on fire and damage shields with Conductive Lattice. Use Cariff’s Talon on a weak adjacent target followed by dashing backward get some range; then weapon swap and hitting the target with primed with Cariff’s Talon weak spot with Truth of Tarsis. The result will be a large electrical and blast damage explosion going off at once in the area.


Long Range

Catalyst Cannon: This strategy works best on non-shielded targets, turrets and if you have two charges of Absolute Zero. Find an elevated position above the fire zone or hover and use Ralner’s Blaze for non-shielded targets or use Absolute Zero on turrets/shield targets. Aim for the weak points with Truth of Tarsis and triple dash to reload for endless shots with Elusive Talisman. Two charges of Absolute Zero allow for activation of Way of Integration while at long range boosting the damage of the first shot.  I use this as well but I use The papa shotgun.

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

★★★ Apprentice

so i main colossus and i tend to have a combo crowd control play style. 


488 Masterwork Colossus


Heavy Assault Launcher: Solvent Green [ lvl45 ]

I use solvent green to get the acid status effect for extra damage and its passive ability grants 200% more combo damage 


Support Gear: Shield Pulse [ lvl36 ]


shield pulse is alright its a level 36 because i do not think there are MW or Leg support items yet so this will do for now since its got a few helpful inscriptions


Ordnance Launcher: Voltaic Dome [ lvl47 ]


This is my key to success and combos since this shock coil is MW/Leg it freezes enemies that do not have a shield or a handful of high level enemies. since they freeze instantly its considered a freeze status effect then i ground pound to combo or with yellow bars i unload my Endless Siege Auto-cannon to melt enemies. 


Weapons: Endless Siege [ lvl45 ]

                 Thunderbolt of Yvenia [ lvl45 ]


Both of these guns are great and i'm sure a popular favorite the endless siege holds a ridiculous amount of ammo and fires at a super fast rate getting auto-cannon inscriptions for damage or increase magazine make it even more nasty. the thunderbolt of yvenia is a great shield breaker due to the insane lighting damage it puts out. 



                     Emblem of Destruction [ lvl45 ]

in creases blast damage for 15 % and if you get a 5 multi kill you increase your ultimate charge by 3,300%

                      Demolition Tribute [ lvl45 ]

increases shield sprint damage by 300% and when you defeat an enemy with a melee you get 20% armor instantly(great cause you ground pound a lot in this build)

                      Vanguard Emblem [ lvl45 ]

Increase electric and fire damage by 35% and if shield breaks you create an explosion around you (my shield doesn't tend to break a lot unless in GM 2+3 so do not see this much)

                      Grand Entrance [ lvl45 ]

increase duration of support abilities by 50% and creates an explosion upon hard landing (im not sure if hare landing is a jump slam or not i do not think i've seen this proc)

                      Reinforced Hull [ lvl45]

increases magazine capacity of all weapons by 5% and when a status effect is cleared from self you do 20% more damage for 10 seconds (i usually force a acid debuff on spider in tyrant mine to get buff also increase mag for auto-cannon to destroy)

                      Stalwarts Badge [ lvl45 ]

increases maximum ammo capacity  by 36% and if shield breaks i increase 40% ability damage ( Again my shield doesn't break often unless GM 2+3 so dont see this buff much)



Play style:


dealing with red bar enemies first:


ok the key is to start with red bar enemies to help take down shielded enimes shields.

so grab a group of red bars shock coil them to freeze them then ground slam to set off combo

once the combo goes off they will knock the shields off higher level enimes then you shock coil them to freeze then then ground slam again to combo the high level

by then the first target if not already dead should be unfreezing so go and refreeze and combo again till groups are dead 


dealing with shielded enemies first:


if your in a situation with only shielded enemies use your shield to sprint bash (since you have 300% better sprint damage from component) them till they lose the shield then shock them to freeze 


there is a technique with the shield if you sprint then cancel the  sprint by holding back then resprinting back and forth you can get about 6-8 shield charges into a frozen enemy until they unfreeze which then you can refreeze then combo then shield bash again 


dealing with turrets:


so what i do with turrets is i fly straight up to them shock them to freeze them then use the Endless Siege to hit the crit spot and blow them up instantly in GM1 (in GM2 you can freeze then hit crit spot for 5 secs then refreeze then hit crit should be like 3-4 cycles in GM3 everything takes forever and require team effort)


if you dont have endless siege you can use the same freeze slam shoot freeze slam shoot combo to kill it just takes longer 

REMEMBER you have to wait till freeze wears off before you freeze again to be able to re combo


Dealing with  Yellow bar shield guys:


these guys are pretty easy just freeze them and shoot them in back tank till they explode 



NOTE * legendary shield guys and important enemies like the key  holder to the orbs on second relic in tyrant mine cant be frozenn in place but can be combo hit*

           * frost wolven cant be frozen permanently but only for a second then unfreezes*

           * shield brutes cant be frozen*

           * i think furys also cant be frozen*


correct me if im wrong Standard smile hope you enjoy my build ^^2019-03-01_22-10-42.jpg




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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

★★★★★ Novice


Venom Bomb (Acid Primer)

The Interceptor Javelin is a tough class to master for Grandmaster difficulties, but can be incredibly fun for Easy, Normal, and Hard. If you’re playing high-level missions, go with Venom Bomb to set up combos for your allies. This acid Primer has a quick cooldown and has an almost immediate effect on enemies.


Detonating Strike (Electric Primer)

Detonating Strike is another Primer to help assist your co-op friends. Of course, both of the Interceptors Primers can be detonated with a standard melee attack, as well as the class’ devastating Ultimate.


Bladed Daggers (Impact Detonator)

With the Interceptor being a bit of a glass cannon, you’ll want to ensure that you dart quickly in and out when going in for a melee combo. Detonate any primed enemies and then get the hell out of there.


Assassin’s Blades (Impact Detonator)

Go wild with the Assassin’s Blades combo and try to time it with teammates unleashing an assault of Primers. Being able to quickly dish out combos while invulnerable is a great way of taking major chunks out of boss characters.


Aura – Enemies near you gain the elemental effect over time.

With the Interceptor being a fairly chaotic Javelin to play as, you likely won’t notice the effects of Aura working their magic. Rest assured, this combo effect will be working in the background as you lay waste to the opposition.


Rally Cry

Being able to quickly remove any elemental effects from yourself and allies is huge at the Grandmaster difficulties. Be aware of how your co-op buddies are doing and issue a quick Rally Cry if things are looking bad.

I've played a lot of warframe so I'm more of the hop around shooting people from the air like a matrix movie.

If you guys need any help with anything just let me know. Hope everyone has a nice night 


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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

Here's what I use. It's an electric focused Interceptor build for those pesky shields in GM levels. This one's for those who prefer using an Interceptor over the storm but also want high electric damage.




  1. Way of Resolve (MW Blade Inscription)
  2. Way of Integration (MW Amphibious Augment)
  3. Way of the Bold (MW Interceptor Combo Augment)
  4. Talisman of Power (MW Strike System Augment)
  5. Elusive Talisman (MW Battle Inscription)
  6. Conductive Lattice (MW Conductivity Augment)

Support System (Primer)


  • Target Beacon

Assault System (Primer)


  • Raneri's Charge (MW Spark Dash)

Strike System (Detonator)


  • Cariff's Talon (MW Detonating Strike)



  1. Thunderbolt of Yvenia (MW Scout Marksman Rifle) or Truth of Tarsis (MW Devastator Sniper Rifle)
  2. Close Encounter (MW Barrage Heavy Pistol)




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