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Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

by EA_Alexander

Original Post

Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

Community Manager (retired)



You’ve had some time to play around with perfecting your personal loadout preferences so it’s time share. Do you prefer to set yourself up for solo combos? Maybe you prefer to wreak mass destruction with some laser action?


Give us the low down on your preferred javelin loadout and make sure to include the perks you get from the awesome gear you have.


Share your tips and strategies in the thread and get rewarded


Bonus XP from EA_Eric, EA Alexander, and EA_Ataashi to everyone that includes a screenshot of their favorite piece of gear in action in their post 😊


Content and screenshots need to be your own. All submissions subject to EA User Agreement.

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

★★★★★ Apprentice

The loadout I use on my interceptor is named a Liquid Tiberium and like its name it was designed to bring mass devastation for every occasion. It has strong aoe melee, close range fire support and long-range fire support. It can set fire, electric, ice status primers and self-detonate each depending on the situation requirements. The best inscriptions for the build are plus to physical damage, critical damage, armor max, shield max, gear charges, any resistance, and ultimate speed. First, I will go over the gear used and why it is used then I will talk about the combo chains and interaction strategies.



Ralner’s Blaze: This assault rifle will set the fire status primer on targets after five hits. Allowing for combos with the secondary weapon and the interceptor’s melee detonator. Ralner’s Blaze also quickly removes npc’s shields which support the team by removing target’s shields, placing a burning damage over time effect and setting the fire primer status at the same time.


Truth of Tarsis: This sniper rifle will set off chain combos on targets under status effects when hitting weak points. It also has a large blast damage aoe on target impact. It can combo with Ralner’s Blaze or the either one of the strike or assault systems. The sniper rifle allows for far range team support and quick removal of npc’s turrets, heavy’s carrying a physical shields and snipers.



Assault System: Absolute Zero, the upgraded cryo glaive will create an ice explosion when hitting a target below you. It also sets the ice status primer on all targets hit. Which allows for combo with both Ralner’s Blaze Truth of Tarsis, and the interceptor’s melee attacks. And Absolute Zero freezes targets in place while also doing damage to shields.


Strike System: Cariff’s Talon, the upgraded version of detonating strike. It will set the electric status on the target, and do a large electrical explosion while repairing the interceptor’s armor by 35% when the target dies.  The explosion will to massive damage to all targets in the area and remove or severely damage shielded enemies. It can combo with the Truth of Tarsis and the interceptor’s melee attacks.


Support System: Rally Cry: Clears status effects for the team and has interactions with one of the components used in the loadout.



Conductive Lattice: Increases the electrical damage, the interceptor’s electrical resistance and gear cooldown all by 20%. It also does a electric explosion on tree melee hits which will quickly remove shields from all targets in range of the explosion. This explosion has no cooldown so it happens every third hit and hits hard even on non-shielded targets. It combines with Cariff’s Talon to quickly drop target’s shields and bolster the interceptor’s aoe capabilities.


Way of Integration: For this build it is used for it’s increases in acid damage resistance and it will increase all damage by 30% for five seconds when gear hits targets twice in a row. This gear hit streak will also count if the strike or support system has two charges and both are used. This damage increase can be gained at close range and at far range if Absolute Zero has a two charge inscription.


Survival Algorithm: Increases the shields by 35% and lowers the armor by -35%. Clearing negative status with Rally Cry will repair the interceptor shield by 20%. The loss of armor can be offset by getting the right inscriptions.


Way of the Bold: Increases the damage the interceptor’s pulse aura by 40% and will repair armor by 20% when defeating enemies with melee attacks.


Way of Resolve: Increases melee damage by 10% and when a dash is preformed it increases the melee damage by another 40%. Because it only takes one dash to trigger the effect it’s up time in combat is very high. And pairs with Conductive Lattice, and Way of Integration to provide a high amount of damage in melee range.


Elusive Talisman: Increases the weapon damage on Ralner’s Blaze and Truth of Tarsis by 25% and dashing three times will refill the magazine. Allowing for reduced need of ammo pickups.


The Build’s Strongest Combo Chains and Strategies


Melee Range

Tiberium Bomb: Fly or jump into a large group of enemies and dash once toward the weakest non-shielded target and hit it with Cariff’s Talon followed by using Absolute Zero followed by three melee attacks. Dashing will trigger Way of Resolve and using two systems in a row will activate Way of Integration. Cariff’s Talon will prime the target with electrical and Absolute Zero will freeze them in place while priming it with the ice status effect. The melee attack will detonate Cariff’s Talon giving the interceptor the electrical aura damage which will be increased by Way of the Bold. When the target dies around the third hit Cariff’s Talon will set off a huge electrical explosion along with Conductive Lattice. It will wipe out large groups of targets both shielded and non-shielded in the area.


Tiberium Winter: While above a group of targets use Absolute Zero follow it up with Cariff’s Talon drop in then melee attack to gain the frost aura and freeze all of the enemies around the prime target and keep melee attacking while weaving dashes to keep Way of Resolve up and triggering Conductive Lattice. The result will be that additive targets are frozen in place while the team can deal with the isolated shielded and elite targets. And the electrical explosions will help remove the shields quickly.


Close Range

Fire Storm: Use Ralner’s Blaze on a target to set the burning status, followed by dashing forward towards the target then melee it three times to get the fire aura and set all the enemies the area on fire and damage shields with Conductive Lattice. Use Cariff’s Talon on a weak adjacent target followed by dashing backward get some range; then weapon swap and hitting the target with primed with Cariff’s Talon weak spot with Truth of Tarsis. The result will be a large electrical and blast damage explosion going off at once in the area.


Long Range

Catalyst Cannon: This strategy works best on non-shielded targets, turrets and if you have two charges of Absolute Zero. Find an elevated position above the fire zone or hover and use Ralner’s Blaze for non-shielded targets or use Absolute Zero on turrets/shield targets. Aim for the weak points with Truth of Tarsis and triple dash to reload for endless shots with Elusive Talisman. Two charges of Absolute Zero allow for activation of Way of Integration while at long range boosting the damage of the first shot.

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge


Thank you @Umagon-1  for your detailed post!

I'm just getting started on equipping my Interceptor for GM1. I saved the screenshot you attached as a waypoint marker Standard smile

So far I'm heavily relying on my good old Cryo Glaive to stay alive in a group of mobs. 

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

[ Edited ]
★ Guide

I have only been using my ranger so far and do like to mix up my loadout depending on what I’m doing.

personally i’m not keen on the seeker missile I feel it’s very weak (most ranger abilities are compared to other javelins and they are supposed to do massive single target damage lol)


i use 

tactical onslaught - acid darts


argo’s mace just for fun.


cold blooded


a normal frag (don’t have a mw yet)


weapons again vary as I like the idea of a shotgun but find them weak aswell considering in real life they hit like a train

so I change between


thunderbolt of yvenia


divine vengeance 


my goto has been anvil since day 1 but got the masterwork and the perk is better recoil which is a massive let down when it already has good recoil control so it’s a pointless perk.


truth of Tarsis.


i do like lmg’s but only have artinia’s gambit which just like anvil has a pointless perk so I’m still looking for another one (and hoping the perk is worth the grind)


as for components I just use whatever is for the ranger until I start to find something decent.


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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

★★★★ Apprentice

My Interceptor build is totally focused on close quarters. I use Tempest Strike and Spark Dash while hammering tougher enemies, relying more on quick jet movement for regular enemies. Item bonuses increase my shield by 100%, shield delay by 7%, and armor by 60%. I rely on a Vengeance shotgun (+20% Ultimate damage) when I need to take out an elementalist's shield or an electric field; a Fulcrum machine pistol when I need just a little distance... like against a stronghold boss or titan. My components are Shield Reinforcement, Interceptor Combo Augment, Shotgun Ammo, Armor Reinforcement, Machine Pistol Ammo, and Ultimate Inscription. 


The way I fight with the Storm might be most unusual. I use Arc Burst to take down shields, Ice Storm to set up the combo, then I dive in with a melee to trigger the combo. Most Storms seem to hang back and take advantage of hovering, but I like to race in and out of the center of battle like an Interceptor. Wind Wall and other items were chosen mainly to quicken my Gear Speed with bonuses. My Scout rifle, Sledgehammer LMG, and some components increase my lightning and ice damage. Comppnents are Elemental Attunement, Elemental Conduit, Ultimate Inscription, Shield Reinforcement, Storm Combo Augment, and Chaos Core. Bonuses increase Ice Storm damage by 30%.


My Ranger uses the same weapons. I dive in with melees a lot with that one too. Pulse Blast obliterates shields and kills many foes outright. I'm using a Sticky Grenade for now, though I prefer an Inferno Grenade, because a bonus augments my LMG damage. The Sledgehammer feels so great! Component bonuses offer resistances and ammo. The first is Firearm Calibration Core because I focus on gunplay with the Ranger. The others are Convergence Core, Grenadier Inscription, Grenade Augment, Armor Reinforcement, and Assault Augment. 


My Colossus is the newest, so least developed. Right now, I'm enjoying the Railgun and Lightning Coil, both of which are shield breakers. Cloudburst and Defender are my current weapons. I've got a ton of ammo bonuses, so I never need to worry about running out. An 18% Armor Max bonus helps keep me alive during hit-and-run charges. Components are Guardian Insignia, Heavy Assault, Colossal Storage Augment, Colossus Combo Augment, Colossal Stock Augment, and Overclocked Rehulator. 

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Apprentice

Now I'm trying Venom Bomb as my Assault System and switched my shotgun (and component) for a Whirlwind sniper rifle with the Interceptor. That's a great thing about this game: loot is always encouraging me to try something different.

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

★ Pro

I tend to use my Ranger as a long range to medium range Javelin. I use Inferno Grenades to burn the group areas down as much as possible, hit the strongest with a pulse blast and then use my Artinia's Gambit LMG to mow down the smaller pests. I get a lot of extra damage to my fire and weapon damage from the LMG and my inferno grenade will augment the damage to my LMG and Sniper rifle. Lastly, my pulse blast adds damage to my grenade as well as my weapons in general.


Usually, I carry around a Bulwark so I can beef up and help protect myself as well as any team members in a pinch. This also increases the reload time of my Grenades.


Working well so far.

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

@Umagon-1 @hallower1980 @medievil-eagle 


Just unlocked the Interceptor yesterday. So I don't have any experience with it yet, so I really appreciate your tips. Standard smile


This is a players helping players forum, I don't work for EA.
Dies ist ein Spieler helfen Spielern Forum, ich arbeite nicht für EA.

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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

[ Edited ]
★★ Apprentice

I'm still working on getting a Masterwork-laden build, but this is what I'm currently working with for my Interceptor build:


Thunderbolt of Yvenia: The lightning strikes devastate shields and being a marksman rifle, it takes out the trash quickly and efficiently. I was using Artinia's Gambit but it doesn't work very well against shielded enemies in GM difficulty (especially the Dominion Valkyries/Outlaw Elementalists...)

Papa Pump: I'm already in melee range so having a shotgun with up to 200% bonus damage is amazing. (Side note: shotguns feel so good in Anthem! I'm not a fan of shotguns in most shooters but Anthem has me thinking differently.)


Venom Bomb - Great acid primer with fast cooldown

Viper's Bite (MW Venom Spray) - Another acid primer but I tend to use it as a finisher or AoE mob clear. Viper's Bite charges the Interceptor ultimate insanely quickly when it hits multiple targets. I've recharged the ultimate from basically zero to full almost instantly when mobs are densely packed (e.g. initial spawn around a rift.)


Target Beacon - 33% damage increase to targeted enemy that jumps on target death? Yes please. I see no reason to run Rally Cry over this please buff Rally Cry?



Get components that work with your playstyle and with good inscriptions. I recommend Repair +% drop, Gear speed, Ultimate speed, and Luck. However I do highly recommend the Conductivity Augment.


Conductivity - Gear cooldown reduced by 20%. That one perk is enough to keep this on all the time. Electricity damage buff and damage resist are just bonuses.


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Re: Javelin Loadout Tips – Get an Interceptor forum badge

[ Edited ]
★ Guide

I guess it's best to start with my gear I use for my loadout.  While the inscriptions are not the best, this is what I've found the most fun to use even on Grandmaster 3.



The kicker for Interceptor I've found, is exploiting your dash and abilities to their max.  Learning the timing of your dodge to get memory of the cooldown it has, and using it to dodge in all directions.  Later on, dodging with MW+ gear grants some buffs as well.  Even though I feel our Melee is weak at the moment, properly timed dodging in a constant pattern can let you even melee a Titan if you're feeling bold.


The setup for my play style is still oddly Melee.  Even though far weaker then a weapon once in GrandMaster 2 and higher, it's generally just fun to play.  Due to this, I picked my abilties to not only increase my damage greatly, but for melee range and more importantly team play.


-Weapons are actually your preference.  I tend to use Avenging Herald with a quick firing Shotgun or a Sniper Rifle depending on if solo or team based.  Sniper's like the devastator work really well.


-Raneri's Charge:   A great detonator, especially in a group but also full of utility.  It can now target units in the air, on top of that it can Stagger many units out of the air as well, interrupting their attacks and knocking them down for a few seconds.  It has a very large range too, letting you dash to and detonate/attack units from a massive distance away, giving you even more maneuverability to engage or even retreat out of a mess if an enemy is away to target to.   What makes the skill great for team play, is it also damages anything in its path and right next to your target, detonating any primers.  A very short cooldown with chance to reset on a kill.


-Viper's Bite:  Another AoE that has a far greater spread, now correctly aiming in the direction of your reticle, also a great AoE Primer.  It's range is limited though to about 10 meters in front of your Javelin though, so making use of Raneri's Charge to dash into a group and then Viper's Bite, or using your triple dash to get in.  It applies the acid debuff, but only on non shielded targets like other primers, so be sure to lower that shield first if you can.  Again another very short cooldown, getting stats like Gear +% charges makes it even stronger with multiple repeated use.


-Target Beacon:  You love this, your team loves this.  This skill is so strong, many underestimate its power.  Have a ton of mobs spawning in?  Cast it on one, kill it, swap to next target that your beacon moved onto.  Legendary heavy hitting mobs?  Target Beacon.  Bosses?  Always keep up Target Beacon!  This one skill, can literally shave over 15 minutes off of a GM3 Stronghold run.


-Play style:  Hit and run, AoE primer and detonator for your group.  We're not a Storm, but we can burst down many enemies a Storm can't get to in time.  e.i.  Legendary Snipers, you'll learn to hate these guys on GM3 -_^.  Abuse the fact that Raneri's Charge makes you invincible to move around to clear enemies.  While Melee isn't as strong as I mentioned before, it has a massive stagger effect on most enemies.  So while you're not doing great damage compared to your team, you are isolating a threat and protecting them, detonating any primers they have cast/spread to the target and your own.


When it comes to bosses though, time to break out those guns and use them to their max potential.  Weak spots are your friend.  For your Ultimate's usage, I tend to use it to tank and distract a boss from my party while doing ok damage.  I feel our Ultimate does not scale well in damage at all sadly.  Another great benefit, is it's an anti wipe tool to use.  Nothing bites more, then everyone doing in Scar Stronghold on GM3 on the boss when it's nearly dead, to then have to enter the fight again with them at full health after everyone died.  Use your ultimate to run around and recover your team mates, it's a godsend.


A final note on Play style is to have fun and keep experimenting as well, especially for weapon combinations.  Always keep moving with your dash and Raneri's.  And most importantly have fun.


And remember, this build is also for style, not just control and damage.  Nothing makes a random group scratch their head more, then seeing an Interceptor quite literally teleporting around the map quickly killing mobs.


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