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Javelin Garage & Fort Tarsis Needs An Overhaul

by VolkNasty

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Javelin Garage & Fort Tarsis Needs An Overhaul

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The Forge, The Vault, and the Launch Bay should be made into one "Javelin Garage". Javelin Garage should be located off of the central market. Entrance should be where The Vault currently positioned. This way we can have a back way into the basement(?) where the ciphers chairs are located. That way we can just load Fort Tarsis and cut 2 load screens out of the grind. 


There should be World Events in Fort Tarsis:
Defend Fort Tarsis, depending on where we are in the fort we can either use those big vulcan guns on the wall or use our suit. Something else we could spend money on; being able to upgrade fortifications and customize the guns, sigils, flags, banners.
Guide a Strider into dry dock. Shoot down fauna or enemy factions. 


Once you establish a relationship with contract providers, they should just submit them in a mailbox at the Javelin Garage. If there is story to unfold after a mission, I have no problem heading to the quest giver. However if the story is already over, contracts should just be automatic, or if you need to "slow" the player down, just add a cool down to the contracts. 

The quest where the two rival fashion designers try and work together is all messed up. We never see the fire, or where his shop is. This can be done much better. It would add some immersion if you actually saw the residence fight the fire and put it out.

Have characters actually come in and out of frame, what happened Bioware? This feels like Mass Effect 1. Fort Tarsis doesn't have to be a bustling city market with dynamic conversations and events every second; but at least try. 

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