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Re: It's a good day for Apex!

by Sweet_088

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Re: It's a good day for Apex!

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@mastiffslinger I remember it made for one helluva hot drop lol
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Re: It's a good day for Apex!

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@mastiffslinger wrote:

@Wingmannedbro You should have been playing Fortnite when they released the sword in the stone altar. 2-3 days of absolute mayhem.


It happened right before a tournament and boy you should have seen the streamers raging about it. Ninja seriously lost his sh%t that week. 


In all honesty it was game breaking weapon un balance, but they addressed it quickly and moved on. If Only other game developers were as quick to respond.


This is where Fortnite has excelled though they are quick to respond to game breaking or even major issues in a timely fashion. And they have understood from day one not everyone likes to play with 2-3 people every time they fire up a game. Sometimes solo is the best way to achieve some inner peace and knocking a few enemies along the way.

Inner peace is exactly what I feel playing solo's, it's great! And year I saw that sword thing in a tourney. Dude leaps through the air for a hundred meters vertically slashing through builds and one shotting people.


I dunno how epic thought that would be viewed by players in the first place tho. Seems pretty obvious that would be a stern NO from literally every single player in the world.

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Re: It's a good day for Apex!

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@Wingmannedbro @Gabrielmojo26 


I was lucky enough to hot drop on top of that mountain twice and get the sword. I left each of those games with 15 plus kills. It was dirty not going to lie. But for those 2 games the only thing I built was quick walls to deflect shots and then pummel run my way to my next victim/ er opponent.


It was very satisfying to destroy skyscrapers with though later in game. The next best thing was the airplanes when first introduce were so op. You could fly right through enemy buildings and get easy kills.They of course nerfed them quickly.


As far as I know on the OP topic mirage's party boat was still there last night and still loud af. I was hoping it would be going away too. But not yet. Maybe they will remove it for the start of season 4. 


I am hoping solo/duo and KC make a return for season 4. But I sincerely doubt any of that. 

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Re: It's a good day for Apex!

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I liked the fireworks! They added both hype and a challenge at the same time - made the scenario fun!

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