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It’s a conspiracy

by Koochi-Q

Original Post

It’s a conspiracy

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So I sometimes do dailies... and sometimes I can’t even be bothered to launch apex up cause I don’t wanna play...


yesterday I had to play with Gibraltar... again. Seriously most of my dailies go to gibraltar/wattson/mirage (last two I don’t mind. Mirage is one of my mains and wattson... I just have good luck with her). 


So I get bunched up with 2 random screwheads who $£*%&@ shoot at everything moving. I think they might’ve even shot at a bush if it was rustling... but anyway tho. I play like I usually play... first game of the day and playing with that fat hawaiian... or whatever he is. Getting annoyed by the visuals not lining up to other characters when he’s running. Teammate snipes at everything he sees and gets us in a 3 team battle with both other teams taking the high ground (over at cascades(?... where The Cage is not down below near the Leviathan’s leg)). So we had to sneak up to the entreepoint of hydro dam and we succeed. I dunno if this was the game with our teammate leaving after he was knocked but in the end we won. I win with gibraltar... when for the last week while not really playing but needed a win with bangalore it took me countless tries! Conspiracy number one!


then had to play with wattson. Won again just like that with. It’s too suspicious! Apex lets you win with characters you never use! 


And by the way. The match where both my teammates were sniping or shooting... one of them did 209 dmg, other in the 400 and I saw my 900 and I was like ‘you worthless meatballs did nothing but attract ppl >.>’

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Re: It’s a conspiracy

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I'm not sure this is a conspiracy or not but i'll stick my tin foil hat on anyway. xD

That being said i've only used gibbi twice this season due to dailies and won both times.

Maybe there's something to  this. :o


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Re: It’s a conspiracy

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@Koochi-Q Sometimes abilities of other characters can get you a win. It depends on the situation and location of last circle.
My main is Bangalore but i chose to play Octane. Zone is closing fast i'm knocking 2 guys then i use Stim and run into the circle and kill the last guy. If i didn't have Octane i would have died from the zone.

Another time my friend picks Gibraltar for a challenge and with his Ultimate he got the last 3 kills while the zone was closing and enemies were running towards us. Easy win!
Good stories with every character! xD
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Re: It’s a conspiracy

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@MandatoryIDtagTin foil hat brothers right here! XD. Same here, have used him less than 5 times and I get a win without even effectively using his abilities. We should investigate this matter.

@SpyrosKap_GTlolz thats true but I never used his ult in that game (I think) and the one time I actually effectively used his dome was to do the finisher I needed to do for the daily XD. Afterwards I just randomly popped the dome when I thought it’d be a good time but no one ever shot at it LOLZ.

It was a weird easy win on my end too but I don’t like admitting it cause I don’t like this fat guy xD. I like nothing about him xD. I like all characters except him xD I’d wish Caustic would just gas him and claim the top position of heavy character in apex xD

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Re: It’s a conspiracy

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It... It....  It's almost as if... as if.... Gibraltar isn't garbage?!?! :O

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Re: It’s a conspiracy

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@Anlbrd Blasphemy!

You take those words back! Especially in my hands he’s garbage!
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Re: It’s a conspiracy

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@Koochi-QAn update. IT’S DEF A CONSPIRACY! Today, guess what... another gibraltar daily... it was to take 100 domeshield damage shielding. I was like ‘I really don’t wanna do that cause ppl stop shooting when they see the dome’.

I was with a lvl 92/99 and a lvl 9... I was ready to leave cause I said to myself way back during mid S1, I’m not playing with lvl 10- players... but decided to stay. They went to skulltown and were in a fight right away and I was alone on the supply ship right next to skulltown. Killed 2 of the 3 squadmembers THEY were fighting even tho I came in late. And no, the enemies were still at full health/shield somehow...

Later on we had to fight last squad at the edged of Hydro and Swamp. The lvl 92/99 tries to flank where the storm is but gets downed by the storm... they didn’t see him luckily so while they were on the rooftops over at Hydro, the lvl 9 and me were on the cement passageway on the other side near the cliffs. The lvl 9 used the cover to get to our fallen brethren.

By now the circle was in that one house between Hydro and Swamps. The enemy huddled up in there. My teammates flanked from one side, I from the other. They drove 2 enemies towards my side of the building and I downed them both but needed to heal. By that time someone either self revived or had help, no prob we down him again but my teammate goes down as well. Last enemy left, while the lvl 9 lifeline heals I keep listening and position myself that I’m behind the last enemy if he tries to barge in. Guy comes charging in and shooting. I shoot him in the back and we win...


my stats were like 7-9 kills with 1.1K dmg. Lvl 92/99 560 dmg and 4/5 kills and lvl 10 (by now) 230 dmg and 2 killz

FIRST GAME with gibraltar again! Then afterwards tried 2 times with him, we basically died instantly XD. So the conspiracy is gibraltar + me + daily + first match = extremely high odds to win a game XD

Thanks for reading my drivel.

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