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Re: Isolation frustrations

by EA_Atic

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Isolation frustrations

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I will refrain from discussing the topic in question as we have been told the threads will be deleted... but suffice to say you can all read EA's response here:


So despite there being a massive amount of reports and complaints about this nameless subject we are now no longer allowed to discuss it?


The reason we were discussing it on these boards is that we WERE reporting the people we are not allowed to talk about and nothing was being done.


I have an open case at the moment with EA providing proof in the form of game report and stats and yet 'the nameless' continue to be allowed to play.


Please do not delete this thread as I am not discussing the subject I am not allowed to discuss in an open/public forum for some reason. I am discussing the frustration that many of us are feeling, especially as we are all isolating/isolated at this time and using BF V as catharsis, as seemingly nothing is being done - despite a few 'guarantees' from EA.


It's as if EA doesn't want anyone to know about the thing we are not allowed to talk about because they do not have a solution!!!

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Re: Isolation frustrations


I assume the original thread got unlocked because people failed to keep things civil.


As for not being allowed to publicy state suspectee cheater names, in simple terms this is because it can open EA and other parties up to defemation charges and severely hinder their investigations.


Yes, EA/DICE could have better security and stuff; the results show this, but hacks and other tools are a major business everywhere and all games have cheaters. I can only assume cheating is one of the biggest reasons they are ditching BFV so everyone shouldn't be surprised support is being ditched the moment you notice 5 cheaters replacing the 1 you remove.


People have tons of other games to play during isolation - I got the Uncharted and Bioshock collections through ps+ for example so they take my mind off the stat of V enough its easier to swollow


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Re: Isolation frustrations

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From the megathread link above:


"With this update, we'd like to remind you to please report cheating through our official channels, instead of discussing or highlighting it via forums. This means going forward we'll close threads regarding cheating to ensure our dedicated teams can action the reports via the appropriate channels."


That's pretty clear that we are not even allowed to discuss it despite it being a massive problem (look how long the thread is) and no solution being provided.


Many people are reporting but those that are reported are still playing the game with no action taken - this is frustrating in the extreme.

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Re: Isolation frustrations

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Hey there, @MujiXxX  one of many reasons is anti cheat topics becoming an eco chamber same people talk about the same thing that goes around in circle now that don't mean we are perfect there is improvements to be had, there are and we are aware. Also Origin reports do get sent on to our teams.


We also have no name and shame on the forum so talk about people cheating or point out they are cheating gets removed as they cause a witch hunt for people.


Also talking about a locked topic I get it, but its also going to result in the topic to become locked. 


Keep reporting players I what I can recommend that you keep doing. 




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