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Is this the end of Respawn?

by AzGoshawk

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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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Would it sound better to say I play with the people that use to win all the e sports tournaments on console but they moved to pc cause that is where the money is that better for you? 

And guess what at all the e sports tournaments they used a controller at the bf invitational between America and Europe they used controllers is that acceptable for you sorry I said best

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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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@warslag "The purpose of an anti-cheat is not to catch and ban cheats." Then you said it is. Uhh yeah the purpose of an anti-cheat is to keep cheats off of that game. If the thread is accurate, then they knew Apex was a cash grab from the get go with a great chance of this happening. There's not many surprises with projects like this, it's only a surprise to the consumer. If they said they won't make changes to anti-cheat and you look at how much work they've put into Apex since launch, it's plain to see they don't care if it fails. It's been a bot festival on the servers for over a month.

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