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Is this the end of Respawn?

by AzGoshawk

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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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@Silz616 wrote:

@AzGoshawk wrote:

@Silz616 wrote:

Also, after reading the many cheater issues on PC for many titles, there is no way in the world anybody could convince me to start online gaming on PC. No way.


I think that platform is seen as a cheat platform. "If you want to cheat, play PC" kinda mentality.


I'll stick to being a console peasant and immediately solve the biggest issue Apex (and many other titles) seem to have. 

Maybe because I'm an old guy I like to play with mouse and keyboard, not used to gamepads. 

But you are right, PC platform is a "cheat platform" and thats because isn't controlled by a single entity as is the consoles (Sony/PS4, Microsoft/XBox, ...). Also Windows system has some flaws (memory and security) that allows the injection of code into programs.


Keep playing online in consoles because PC gaming is dying, thanks to cheaters.

You are right. It's the editable platform that causes the issues. Well, it's the players abusing the platform really but.... Yeah.


If PC's could be locked down, and what you buy is what you get, you almost eliminate the cheat side of things. It also makes it easier to detect changes to the bought hardware and how it "should be" used.


I get that people want better anti cheat, but the platform will always have work arounds as you are dealing open source editable and exploitable platform. For some people to lay this solely on Respawn is not fair imo, and I certainly do not think this is "the end" for them at all.


I hope they can resolve the issues for you and others so you can enjoy this game as intended. I'll keep my fingers crossed bud.

Windows is not a open source platform. It will never be. But I understand  what you meant by "editable".


Quote: For some people to lay this solely on Respawn is not fair imo, and I certainly do not think this is "the end" for them at all.


I'm working in IT industry in 10 years and I honestly disagree with you.

If you make a software and sell it to people. You must have responsibility for it.

Your bank develops new App. You download and use it to access your bank account. Somehow someone hack the app, and steal money from ur bank account. Will you say " It's not fair to blame the Bank because I run it on an editable platform?"


PC is a cheating platform, yes, it's also the platform where most elites are. Take a wild look on Twitch, the majority of good players are on this cheating platform.


There must be a reason why Shroud , Dizzy, Diegosaurs, Ninja, Doc prefer PC over console for shooter games. Because they want to compete with fellow good players, not someone lying on their sofa, playing Apex on 60 inch TV with the loudspeaker.

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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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The only way to fix cheaters on pc is if some how we can launch the game from ea's end and not have the files on our pc's that would be the future of pc gaming i think google is doing something like this called stadia.



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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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Even if console has no cheaters, you also need to fight against XIM users.
Someone mentioned to me XIM is not good, but when I search for XIM Apex forum, people find great success when they use XIM to play Apex.
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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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Pros don’t care about playing the best people pros care about the money and if you truly believe that if the money was on xbox or PS4 they would still play pc you are crazy people follow money just the way it is 


I get it you are an elitist and yes skill ceiling for shooters is higher on pc but if you are not playing games for money you should be playing for fun not so you can feel good about yourself for being better than console players


it’s like being faster than  a 100 year old person when you are in your 20’s that’s neat you should be so get off your high horse and wake up if you think your cool because you are better than console players it is because you suck compared to the pc players 

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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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Or having the files and not the exe file that they inject and launch the game through origin which you load the *.exe from the server that cannot be injected if this would be possible?

maybe this could be the solution?

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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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The new xbox and ps5 will be based on pc hardware i bet 100% cheating on the next consoles will be rife.

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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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If you have not used xim don’t tell me how great it works have played with the best players on xbox up until about 3 to 5 years ago and guess what they all used controllers and the best players now to my knowledge still use controllers on console and xim has been around since the beginning of the 360 yet the best players on consoles have never used them but your right xim must work exactly like mnk does on pc

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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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First, "have played with the best players on Xbox" is a wild statement lol.

It's common that when people try to prove something, they will say such thing.
When my friend tried to convince me to buy Sennheiser headphone, he said " Oh , trust me, I had friends who are artists, singers and best audiophiles around the country, guess what? all of them use Sennheiser Standard smile

It's a wild statement I must say Standard smile and even if some people use XIM, they probably dun go and say " hey i'm good at this game and I use XIM"

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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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@warslag wrote:

@AzGoshawk wrote:

Isn't perverse, is the reality, just look around, read news and/or see news, the world is full of cheaters. You may be too idealist to not see the reality and, my friend, I hope you don't be a victim of cheaters.


"The purpose of an anti-cheat is not to catch and ban cheats. Its job is to ensure an honest game for honest players. It does that by catching and banning cheats."? What? Confusing ...

The purpose of anti-cheat is to catch cheaters and ban cheaters. The purpose of adding an anti-cheat to a game is to "ensure an honest game for honest players". That would be the right sentence


Anti-cheat is now a business.


The purpose of anti-cheat systems is to keep video games fair for honest players. That is their purpose and why they exist. They keep a game fair by detecting and banning players but also in other ways such as blocking a game from starting when cheats are detected, depending on the system.


They make money from the services they provide.


I think it's important for people to remember that we are here to play video games, and not to be in a war between gamers and cheats or companies and cheats, or whatever.


Honest gaming comes first, an anti-cheat is added to ensure the game is fair and honest for the players, and then the anti-cheat uses whatever methods it can to ensure the game is fair and honest - including detecting and banning cheats.


There's the game and the players - and then everything outside the castle walls. The anti-cheat is the gatekeeper keeping the people inside the castle safe.

Explain me how to program a anti-cheat that ensure a fair game, but without detect cheats and banning cheaters. That would be the Holy Grail to ensure fair game and probably would have other name besides anti-cheat. I'm a programmer and I know that a "ensure a fair game" is so subjective that put it on lines of code is a hard task.

You mixed the purpose of use with the purpose of the anti-cheat. Afterall, what anti-cheat do? Detect cheats, ban cheaters and block cheaters, that's his coded purpose. 

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Re: Is this the end of Respawn?

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Cheaters aren't the only big problem in Apex Legends. The chat filtering feature also isn't very good. Some trolls join a squad, swear a lot, roast everyone else in the squad and then leave the game. The worst part is they leave before you have time to roast them back.

I agree that they need a better anti cheat feature too though. However, just because it looks like someone is teleporting around the map doesn't mean they are cheating, they could just be lagging really badly. Unless they travel really fast of course.

PS: If Pathfinder uses a sniper rifle, is he an aimBOT?
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