Is there any game you miss playing?

by mathematics654

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Is there any game you miss playing?

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For me it's NBA Live 07, I still got the CD, but I can't install it since my PC is with Windows 10, what is yours?

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Re: Is there any game you miss playing?




Awesome question!


There are several games on my mind that I really enjoyed playing back in the day, but didn't actually play for that long. Here are a couple that have always stayed with me:


  • Mickey Mania on SNES
  • Jade Cocoon on Playstation
  • Jetforce Gemini on N64

I guess these games made a bigger impact on my than I originally anticipated, as even over so many years later I still end up thinking about them from time to time.


Of course, this list could be quite endless because I've played so many games over the years!


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Thoughts? :-) (try something other than Baldur's Gate... :P)

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Re: Is there any game you miss playing?

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Well, there is one game I am missing a lot. Magic Carpet. Both parts. Anyone played it? 

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Re: Is there any game you miss playing?

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It was one of the games that came with the PC when my dad bought a new Compaq system back in the day. However, I only played a little bit of it.




You made me curious though. What made NBA Live '07 such a great game for you?


In terms of Basketball games, I did play a ton of NBA Jam on the SNES with my brother - great memories! (I was fan of Chicago bulls, with Pippen being my boy for those awesome 3 pointers. My brother was a Charlotte Hornets fan).

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Re: Is there any game you miss playing?

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Yes there is a Game I miss Playing:
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Mech Warrior 



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Re: Is there any game you miss playing?

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What I miss is that NBA Live 07 was avilable on PC, the new games are consule exclusive, and I only got the Xbox one this year, so I'm planning to get the new NBA Live game next year, until then, I have the moblie version

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Re: Is there any game you miss playing?

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I'd have to say World of Warcraft back during Burning Crusade/Wrath. It's not so much about the game itself, but re-capturing the "magic" of the time.


It can't be done as communication tech, MP game design and my personal circumstances have changed hugely in the past decade. 


Lots of classic older games get re-releases or I'll still have access to an old copy, so there's not much I "miss" as I can just replay it.


However it's impossible to go back to the feeling of Wow at the time, so that's what I miss. 

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Re: Is there any game you miss playing?

What i miss playing...that's one tough question. I would rather answer to what i wouldn't as that list would be shorter. And i will refer strictly to the stuff that is completely unavailable in our days due to various reasons

But let's try:


1. Road Rash series - uncompromising fun, silly as they come. Also, split screen from the second game in the seriesStandard smile


2. Strike series - another fun series that offered me many hours of enjoyment.


3. Buck Rogers series - well, poor Buck never got many videogames, did he?! And one, out of two, isn't exactly stellar (Matrix Cubed). Countdown to Doomsday remains one of the better old RPG's, not only by being a sci-fi RPG in a sea of fantasy ones, but actually offering some nice adventure elements and even a basic simulation.


4. Silent Hunter (the first one) - one tough sub sim. I remember making math calculations, trying to see what were my odds for the torpedo to hit the intended target and not getting detected in the process. Good times.


5. Su27 Flanker flight sim - was leaning towards realism and that was one hell of a game to master. If you ever want to try it, make sure that you are mentally prepared for the hours of frustrations that you will have until you learn all the ropes. The game has a steep learning curve.


6. Sims 1/2 and Stories - the original Sims had not only a certain charm (and dammit, it still looks good for its age). At some point EA_Tom asked what we like about it: the incredible level of customization in the building panel, the fact that we could do on an old engine things that can't seem to be possible in the recent 3D engines. Even on a small lot (and small was actually quite big compared with the lots we get in Sims 3/4) you could build some incredible houses.


The modding community did a tremendous job and i think that you can find some nice houses and skins. 


Sims 2 improved a wee bit the formula, by adding the community lots and those lots could be customized in a big way. Your imagination was the limit. The new Sims game seem more restricted. The one good thing in Sims 3 was the questing system that appeared for the first time in the Sims Stories and console Sims 2 (especially the PSP version). Sims 4 has a better social system. But both games cut down on customization and building. Sims 3 has those microtransactions, things that can be bought with SimPoints, excluding most of the gamers. I am glad that those did not make a comeback in Sims 4 and instead we get the stuff packs and game packs. I prefer  it that way. 


7. Dune series - from the Virgin one to the Westwood titles. Each Dune was special in its unique way. Would love to see them back with a digital release. Sadly, that is not possible, as the Herbert estates seem to not be willing to give the IP for another game in the universe to any videogame company. 


8. Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth games - great strategy games, unfortunately they won't make a comeback, unless the parts involved will agree on it. 


9. Certain games from the 5 Star General series (Panzer General, Allied General, People's General, Star General, Panzer General: Scorched Earth). But there is hope here, so i will just keep hopingStandard smile


10.King's Bounty (the really old one) - the grandad of the Heroes of Might and Magic series. Even HoMM did not have some of the stuff that this old game offered at the release. Maybe someday, we will see a remaster. Doubtful, but stranger things happened.


Enough, as i've already made a wall of text. I tend to get carried away when it comes to my hobbiesWink



I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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Re: Is there any game you miss playing?

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That makes sense.. we've gotten quite a few questions to bring more of our Sports titles back to the PC but I guess there just isn't enough interest.

Are there any other games you really miss playing?




I agree with you there! The best times I had with World of Warcraft was both in Vanilla and Wrath. Vanilla mostly due to being new to the game and thus everything still being magical. Wrath was great because I had a great group of friends that I played with.


I still play WoW from time to time but I just can't justify investing the same amount of time anymore due to different life circumstances.




I haven't played any of the games on your list, but the one I can relate to most is the King's Bounty one. I really enjoyed those types of games.. :-)


So that reminds me.. how could I forget Lords of Magic! I played that game a ton. Any of you familiar with it? (Sierra had some great games).

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Re: Is there any game you miss playing?

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The only other old games I played a lot are The Sims 2 and FIFA 06, but I still have the Sims 2 CD (even throught it's kinda glitchy) and I got FIFA 17 on Xbox one and FIFA 11 on PC, so I can't say I really miss them, because I still got them (or newer version in case of FIFA), but if you include new games, I really miss Star Wars Battlefront after the Origin trial and a month of EA Access that I had on Xbox One

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