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Re: Is the kill stats damaging?

by cooperal1012

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Is the kill stats damaging?

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So I find that many people due to the kill stat in the game are more inclined to try to finish off one target than finish off a squad and this just makes the down but not out state feel pointless more often than not they're coming to collect might as well just finish us there. Idk how I would fix this but can we agree that people care more about buffing the stat than beating the squad?

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Re: Is the kill stats damaging?

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It's just a matter of how it affects peoples in-game behaviour. And since the only matchmaking available right now is purely random, it is a problem. Even if I can control who is in my squad, I do like to play games where enemies are just as objective-focused as I am. To be fair though most of the times I'm killed off, it's often because there's no consequence. They may be better off killing me asap because of the info I'm giving away.


I think it would have been better if knockdowns acted as the games standard tracker. Limited to one knockdown per opponent per match. Too many times the difference between killing someone and not killing someone is failing to get the last squadmate. Even if the outcome of the fight came down to the wire, your performance is not going to be very well reflected in the statistics unless you finish off the knocked down enemies.


Another okay solution would be to merge kills and assists into one statistic. It's annoying enough when teammates put themselves in harms way just to stop you from finishing an enemy they softened up.

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