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Re: Is it just me?

by SofaJockeyUK

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Is it just me?

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I keep getting feeling like more we know about this game i get feeling that it is going to be a rehash of Warframe with a new backstory and location.  Not that I Mind in fact I love warframe but there are alot of similarities between the two the more we find out.  Like how going to be 4 man teams the ability to just switch suits and having different abilities/class right away.  true there are a huge list of differences as they are two different games but on the basic level seem very similar.  and to me seems like warframe would be good thing for those waiting for it to come out to try early to see if the basic style of game something they might like enough to preorder it.  

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Re: Is it just me?



  • Like how going to be 4 man teams ~ just like Mass Effect multiplayer
  • ability to just switch suits ~ like you can swap ME multiplayer kits or ME Andromeda profiles.
  • and having different abilities/class right away ~ again, like Andromeda once you've leveled a little, as here.

Sure, there may be similarities to Warframe, Destiny, whatever, but plenty of these mechanics have legitimate precursors, much closer to home. Standard smile

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