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Interceptor tweaks

by mix_tags

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Interceptor tweaks

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When you first hop into an interceptor, it's all fine and dandy. They want someone to run around and get in close and personal to enemies. It works. That's fine. What doesn't work is when you finally start getting auras.


Auras spark a primer. But the interceptor only gets to take advantage of the first combo that pops up when you initiate the aura.Other Javelins are able to take advantage of the primer, but the interceptor can't make a combo on each enemy that's affected by the aura.ONLY the first enemy that's struck with the initial combo will give the interceptor an advantage. This needs to be worked on.


I understand that you want a risk/reward system, but you're still not giving enough incentive for interceptor to really take advantage of the system of risk when there's nothing past the first hit that initiates a combo. Even when you throw a venom bomb, only the first enemy struck is given the option of a combo. The others hit need to be given that combo option all the same. They were hit by the cloud of toxin, but there's only one enemy that gets a combo ignited.


Is this intended, or was it not thought about? Because it's exceptionally tedious when you think you're about to rock the world and all you get when you freeze someone with an ice glaive and lightning kick is just a few enemies that stand still around you with each pulse of the aura. And none of it you can take advantage of yourself.


The colossus for example. It gets a flamethrower. Every enemy that's on fire can be taken advantage of by a lightning strike. Multiple times within the same span of the attack group.

I understand lightning is chained. I know that. But you have the fire part of that combo that lets enemies get proc's with a debuff only a few moments after the first combo strikes through the crowd.


Is it so hard to say that the interceptor should get more chances at doing damage with combos when its aura is built around applying debuffs?


I want to know how much it's intended to work like that, or if it's an oversight that needs to be addressed.

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