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Interceptor build for insane damage

by andydsmm

Original Post

Interceptor build for insane damage

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Hey guys Standard smile


So today I decided to give the interceptor a whirl and so far I am kinda liking it, to be honest!

I am a colossus main, so this is quite the change in pace, game style and pretty much everything.


I now play at GM3 only and I've seen a few guys with interceptors, deal stupidly insane amounts of damage to big targets. For example, a few days ago there was an interceptor that melted legendary scar enforcers (in scar temple) for literally a few seconds! I've also seen how sizeable chunks of the health bar is being dropped by interceptors, on the final stronghold bosses.


It'd be pretty awesome if some of you guys that run such insane interceptors could share with me, how to build one (components, gear, weapons, inscriptions, everything..) since I am completely unfamiliar with that jav and currently I have thrown together a build that is very far from what I've seen. I'd love to try such a build out and experience its insanity!


Thanks a bunch guys Standard smile

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Re: Interceptor build for insane damage

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@andydsmm My ult inty runs:


- 5 of 6 universal components stacking a total of 238% ult damage (+268 with emergency power)

- components that increase melee damage: bloodlust and symbiotic surge

- slayer’s furor for support which reduces resistances and therefore increases damage

- close encounter pistol whose perk increases wep damage (inty melee counts as wep damage) by 125% when active

- deathstalker blades for melee weapon with 375% wep damage plus perk damage

- 50% ult damage sigils, 30% melee sigil


 My melee inty runs:


- 5 of 6 universal components plus one jav component stacking a total of 360% melee damage

- components that increase melee damage as above

- slayer’s furor for support as above

- close encounter pistol as above

- blades of warding melee weapon with 250% wep damage and 35% melee damage

- 60% melee damage sigils



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Re: Interceptor build for insane damage

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@Attica_Blue Thanks a bunch for your input Standard smile
I'll start collecting the legos for those builds.

Any of the stuff seasonal store only, or everything can be had via regular gameplay drops?
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Re: Interceptor build for insane damage

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No seasonal items are required for @Attica_Blue‘s builds and similar loadouts. However, the universal component chests are extremely helpful to get there!


Note that ultimate damage inscriptions never occur on javelin specific components. You only get them on universal ones.


Last time I tested the ultimate damage on the interceptor, it was independent of all weapon and melee damage. Therefore I prefer the blades of wardening with armor inscriptions on a high ulti dmg build. For this a multi charge Vipers bite ensures you are almost permanently in ulti mode. Just spam it on groups of targets when your ultimate ends. 

For a melee/weapon dmg build, I fully agree with the preference for death stalker blades. However, Serpent Veil is a must for these, as the massive acid damage bonus also applies to that weapon. I guess with that you can ignore the ultimate entirely and try other inscriptions to go with your insane melee damage. 

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Re: Interceptor build for insane damage

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@DrBonifarz Thank you for posting Standard smile

However, can you guys say if some universals are more important than others for the interceptor, or I should prioritize their ultimate damage inscriptions, for an ultimate centric build?
Unfortunately, I currently have only one universal with ultimate damage, so I gotta get cracking to rack up some.

What I've managed to get so far: serpent's veil, deathstalker blades with 125% dmg and blades of wardening with 200% dmg.
Progressing slowly but surely, still need to get all the remaining stuff Standard smile

A bit of a stupid question, but is that insane damage I've seen being dished out by interceptors, always been their ultimate?
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Re: Interceptor build for insane damage

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You’re welcome, @andydsmm 


Yes, it is likely that those insane damage outputs you have seen were from ultimates. Because it is much easier to get that build, and it already looks very impressive with a decent stack of inscriptions. But that’s not only the case for the interceptor. Some +250% ulti dmg is quite a game changer for all of the four classes. Just the interceptor can focus that well on a single target.


As @Attica_Blue mentioned, some components are useful if you favor weapon/melee damage. Similarly, emergency power shines on ulti builds, while softened blows is a core component for many builds. But in the end, the choice is yours.


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Re: Interceptor build for insane damage

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@DrBonifarz Yeah, good call on the Blades of Warding for the ult build. That’s what I normally run, but I switched it up in the last week or so just out of boredom. 

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Re: Interceptor build for insane damage

★★★ Apprentice

Alright guys, thanks a ton for all the help Standard smile

This goes to show how awesome anthem's gaming community is, helpful and knowledgeable guys like you make the game so much more enjoyable to be a part of!


I've actually never ran ultimate centric builds, so this type of build will be a brand new experience for me Standard smile My goal, up to this point has always been to repeatedly and steadily dish out as high as possible damage to anything, without too much hassle by using gear and weapons and be very "tanky". I'm happy to report that since the beginning of icetide, I was able to do that with the colossus which is now 100% what I want from it. Almost no hassle to solo anything you want at GM3, super happy with it!


If you guys are interested to try it out, I'll drop here the details for you Standard smile

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Re: Interceptor build for insane damage

★★★★★ Guide

Good that you are having fun. 

There are some other topics for colossus builds, e. g. here 

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Re: Interceptor build for insane damage

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You'll also want Unending Battle for a 5 second 135% weapon damage boost when unloading a few shots on Legendary turrets. Vengeance Matrix is great alongside Symbiotic Surge for Melee builds. It is Interceptor's Softened Blows version.


Plus you'll want a lot of repair inscriptions as it helps Symbiotic Surge to stay active. You can melee heavy items on the map and therefor with those inscriptions lots of red triangles fall on top of you keeping you alive feeding Symbiotic Surge.

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