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Re: Interceptor Aura Effect

by daemontonio

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Re: Interceptor Aura Effect

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Unfortunately, no one answered the question what gives a buff. And the urns Combo Plus effect, it doesn’t increase the number of ticks adcombo aura doesn’t increase, the frequency of these ticks doesn’t increase nothing is done somebody explain I checked it all Aura Effect combo no matter what neither the amount of incoming damage affects the impurity of the tick of the same damage
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Re: Interceptor Aura Effect

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@Kharneth88 Try Way of Integration. I can feel the difference in damage dealt by Serpent's Veil and Deathstalker Blades. Try also equipping an Acid sigil before your expeditions.
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Re: Interceptor Aura Effect

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@Kharneth88 wrote:

What exactly does the Interceptor Aura do? I know it gives you an elemental buff that follows you around for a time. Does it change the damage type of your melee or add elemental damage to it? Does it prime targets or does it only cause a status effect? 


I'm wondering how to make the most out of Serpent's Veil's +100% acid damage buff. Does it affect anything other than its own damage (if at all) and Venom Spray?

The aura tics deal little direct damage, and the status spread by the aura can inflict  a bit of dot. I don’t think status effects resulting from the aura can be detonated. 


The Death Stalker blades have some small acid effect, but isn’t also their base damage of type acid? I thought the passive bonus from Serpent‘s Veil applies to your melee attack, if and only if you are using that weapon type. 

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Re: Interceptor Aura Effect

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@eQuivalenToSome detonators trigger aura buffs off primed targets - like the new L66/80 specter. They have it in their descriptions.

Overall, a bit too complicated and unreliable mechanic. Especially considering huge melee damage nerf in 1.30 patch combined with Interceptor's non-existent survivability: more often than not Interceptor dies faster than debuff procs or let alone detonates (although this part is easy with new melee detonator). In the end it's easier and faster to one/two-shot everything with Rainmaker - at least until its inevitable nerf a patch or two later.

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