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Inquiry about Logo BCIW

by Relay75

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Inquiry about Logo BCIW

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welcome everybody
I am a fan of Battlefield 5 and I play it regularly. It would be a great help if you got your valuable suggestions and help in getting to know how to get the BCIW logo symbols so I could challenge other Arab player players and give the winner the logo. Enjoy your valuable suggestions and help too. Appreciation.

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Re: Inquiry about Logo BCIW

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Those codes are handed out to people by the BF Game Changers and other prominant community leaders.


I highly advise you to stick to Twitter as there are tons of giveaways and contests going on daily.


I got my BCITW tag in BF1 for winning an art contest for example (you can do melee events and other stuff too.) 


@gaming_uae and @arabic_events are perfect handles for you to follow, good luck mate

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