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Re: Ingame Penalty for no taking team's banners!

by 1ronKeys

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Ingame Penalty for no taking team's banners!

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That's a team game, that's the purpose, right? It it's logic to have penalty for no taking your team's banner. There should be something like debuff when you miss to take your team's banner, or something like ingame Vote. For example, 2 dead, 1 alive. He refuse to take his team's banner, and after the time for the banner is over, they should be able to Vote for penalty or no. That's the other way. The penalty could be something like Half HP for 2-3 minutes, or no Shield for 2-3 minutes. I'm tired of people who PLAY FOR POINTS AND REFUSE TO TRY TO TAKE MY BANNER. Think about it, if it's team game, or just make SOLO MODE AND EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!

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Re: Ingame Penalty for no taking team's banners!


Yeaaah no.


The amount of times I've had to bug out of a fight due to no heals or ammo and I've notified my team of this and pinged where I was going before I left. If they stay and die that's their business, not sure why I should be punished for this lol.


Willfully being toxic and outright abandoning people for no reason is different....however an automated system won't differentiate between the two scenarios posed.

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Re: Ingame Penalty for no taking team's banners!

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If someone doesn't grab the banner they're already at a significant disadvantage, being a person down.

I can't see many situations where further punishment would be productive, and there are plenty of cases where a banner can't be reasonably recovered. It is extremely frustrating when a teammate seems to overlook a banner out of malice, but I find it to be very rare, most folks will recover the banner or die trying. 

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Re: Ingame Penalty for no taking team's banners!

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It depends. If it's unreasonable to grab a players banner and then they're voting you for not getting it. There are a tonne of independent variables around grabbing a banner.


If someone just being a * and doesn't grab it that's different.


For example last night crazy battle. Respawned teammate. Then we just helped him gather his stuff, we're pressed for time between side of market and ring, i scout ahead to see if we have a safe path, i notice enemies holding down cave entrance but we can go west towards bunker side instead.


I had already pinged enemies and briefly engaged, teammate 1 too. Realising this was going to be futile/disadvantaged, i pinged away from the battle west. (Ping marker wasnt misinterpretable for location).


So we go west. Teammate decided to rush and push cave on his own and gets wiped. Not about to go and get that banner. 


Stupid decision from teammate, ignored the squad, would seriously disadvantage us to attempt to get banner and disadvantaged now we're a man down.


We take a strong vantage point in the smaller ring, I knock gold shield and break other, teammate downed i revive and try fight the pressing 2.


We lose.


But we had no choice to get that banner. And it's as a result of that teammates ignorant actions.

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Re: Ingame Penalty for no taking team's banners!

@GodlyVlad No thanks. As others have said how would the game no when it is on purpose or not.
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Re: Ingame Penalty for no taking team's banners!

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The game it's useless then for team play. Respawn, make SOLO mode right now then. Thread closed. 

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