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[Info] Game play suggestions for Anthem...


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[Info] Game play suggestions for Anthem...

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I hardly to give feedback to a game but I really have fun in Anthem, fighting style and the beautiful Javelin armor.The game experience should be better if add some stuff (Wish list).

Maybe this topic will be flooded by other similar threads, I still hope the dev. team would

consider some of the suggestions below....


Strong alone, stronger together!


1. Preview in Store to let players to see what it look like before purchase the item.
2. Display Javelin all stats details in Forge station.
3. Is it possible to let Colossus use left arm weapon and shield up at the same time?
4. Display dead position in the map for loot or revenge?
5. Waypoint system in the map.
6. Random world event displayed in the map, and disappear after player complete it.
7. Possibility to reduce the "Loading" times? enter or quit forge station / respawn.
8. Attack with skill / weapon while flying, not just hovering..



1. Javelin booster should be able to start up and fly again after hit a wall.
2. Iced enemy should fall into the ground, not still hover in the air...
3. Unknown conditions would caused loud & crazy booster sound issue, and glowing white screen while flying.
4. Ice shard cool down bug in some fight situation (it seems the cool down rate did not apply to the skill)
5. Legendary equipment / weapons should have better basic inscription stats due to its drop rate is super low...
6. Icon not displayed while equip consumable and equipment & weapons sometime.
7. loot and enemy strength balance need to be adjusted, especially to roll the inscriptions and stats not easy. 



Thanks for the BioWare team's hard work of making Anthem such a good game.
Hope all the feedback from Anthem players could help you guys to better the game.

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