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Ineresting news article on Anthem.

by ChiTownTx

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Re: OMG...This is Very Sad...

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I have quit for a while, has allowed me to play games I haven't touched in a while or some of the games I am more invested in. Guess it is back to old trusty Warframe for now. Maybe they can bring this game back out of the ashes, I certainly hope so. I wanna see this "endgame" they're talking about.

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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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@Cyphronite wrote:
 but what he's doing now is a witch hunt.

Fair enough. If u lie to players, sell a game which is just a beta, if u dont hear to the community, then u get what u deserved,


@Cyphronite wrote:
Sure, he's writing a new book, but does he really have to tell the world, what Bioware is doing internally? 

If he knows it, yes he should. U can have your secrets if u are going to make a fair costumer relationship. But if u just constantly lie to and * up players, well then we need to know whats wrong with you Standard smile

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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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"End game rolls out each month".....WHAT??!!


What end game, where, when??


Seriously, between this so called "Anthem forum", @anthem on twitter and reddit. I can NOT! find any news, latest news or the likes anywhere that can inform me of what the heck is going on with this game.


Everywhere I look its 1 month old news. The latest news I can find on whats going on with anthem, is from april 2. where they are going on about freaking coins, COINS!!


What are they doing, what they working on, when the heck are we gonna get informed about what is going on, AS OF SAAAY last patch.



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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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Let's be honest here.  Raise your hand if you were surprised by anything in that article.








Yah, I thought so.

I mean, we all knew the game had problems before launch:

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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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The Kotaku article merely confirms what most people have been suspecting for quite awhile.  


The important part now is what Bioware as a studio does moving forward.  The issues have been revealed, now they need to work on fixing those issues to ensure this doesn't happen for future games, and (hopefully) future development of Anthem as a live service game.


Anthem is a lot of fun-- the combat and flight are spot on.  I still think It has the potential to become successful with long term viability as long as Bioware keeps working on it.


Others are already calling out Doom and Gloom for Anthem and Bioware, I'm not ready to do that yet.  For me, it is too soon to make that call, and I'm reserving judgment until I see what Acts 2 and 3 bring.  However, Doom and Gloom are certainly plausible outcomes.  

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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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So the name isnt the same. So there were internal issues.


Let's look at the present and the future instead of focusing on the past and pointing fingers. Bioware responded intelligently and appropriately to another article straight bashing them. 


Let's help bioware's Anthem find it's TRUE direction with our help, not hindrance, instead of picking and prodding at all their defects. Criticize them in a way that will be productive to the health of the game!


I bought an xbox specifically because I played this game and find so many good things in it. I come here quite a bit voicing my opinions and critiques on mechanical issues and what not because I want  anthem to flourish. 


Strong as one, stronger together.

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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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@SofaJockeyUK wrote:


Irrespective of whatever insights the article brings, BioWare's next move is all about how the game develops in the coming weeks, months and years.


There is 'BioWare magic' in the underlying game, it now needs to grow well. Standard smile



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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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It's a nice rosy idea to think that everything will magically be better in the future, but I think we have to be more realistic than believing in magic fairies.  With the majority of resources now on the next dumpster fire (i.e. Dragon Age 4), there just aren't even enough resources to really fix Anthem or develop the game it was supposed to be.  And there probably won't ever be, they'll sideline it like An-drama-duh.


Even if BioWare and EA wanted to double down on it, they can't until DA4 is baked.  And in any case, that's never been EA's MO, so why would you expect it?


Also, this puts in clear perspective why they keep talking up small, incremental changes.  They know that's all they have the staff to do.

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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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I dont think Anthem have a future.

Too many mistakes done.

Too many bad decisions during development and after launch.

Too many players, studios, streamers, youtubers, etc triggered

Just let it die and prepare your ressources to make the best of your next game Bioware.


Anthem was like a butterfly, short lived, but still pretty.


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Re: I wont say it ...but...

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@MagikarpsGhost wrote:
im sorry but I will defend the developers until my last breath. I will not defend EA who is the reason * went sideways.

Well, not all of it according to the article.   EA paid Bioware 7 years ago to develop the game.   The CEO went to play it in 2017 and he didn't like it.   Sounds like some laziness was involved in getting started with it.  That's on Bioware management.  Procrastinated then cracked the whip on employees to crank out a product and caused them mental stress is what it sounds like.

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