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Re: I wont say it ...but...

by Demonseid

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Re: I wont say it ...but...

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@Spiritual-Zombie isnt a loot based shooter game, and correct me if Im worng.,....Loot? 

Isnt getting Loot in a shooter game fun? The majority of players that were playing and the ones that come here to talk about how unfun the game is because of the bad loot seem to think so.


But again.. I could be wrong.

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Re: I wont say it ...but...

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@MagikarpsGhost This is what makes you part of the overall problem. You still fail to see that EA only stepped in AFTER 5 1/2 years of indecision and said release the damn game already.

Yes they are not totally innocent they pulled resources and made Bioware use an engine that wasnt meant for multiplayer online rpg type games, but giving BioWare a complete pass is ignorant.


If you are gonna give anyone a pass its the lower level dev team that deserves it.

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Re: I wont say it ...but...

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@MaireDevylin I know =( I couldnt help myself.

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Re: I wont say it ...but...

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It’s all irrelevant to me. I am still having a blast despite all the flaws. Actually, I take that back. I worry about the game’s future because the launch was so mangled. If it never gets a chance to reach it’s potential, which seems quite possible, that will be very sad. However, I have no regrets over the purchase.

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Re: I wont say it ...but...

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@Banfilidh I have never knocked anyone for enjoying the gam as you know. If anything you guys are the only ones that give this game hope. The upper management for this company are gonna be the ones killing the game if it dies off. Their constant lying and pre-written responses to the community. It all feels so disingenuous for me. I cant in good faith back this company which is sad because I had enormously high hopes for Anthem. 


On the other hand. Acting like what the upper management did was anything less than deceptive and wrong is also not helping the gaming community. it empowers them to do the same things and give the same half assed apologies. Accountability needs to fall some where and in this case its with the upper management and EA.


I'm still 100% for them taking Anthem offline, reworking the game and making it a proper release. If they would do something like that I would consider giving it a second chance. If not.. There are still others playing and my one purchase wont matter to them in the long run.

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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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@buddahcjcc wrote:

@uk_spawn wrote:
I think they did a great job considering all this. Who knew vidya game industry was a nasty money hungry place to work full of stress and pressure and everything rushed and released early?! - well, everyone knows that. Nothing here really surprised me at all...

In spite of all this, I am still enjoying the game. Maybe that means there is something wrong with me... I don't really care, Im going to play anthem so Bye Standard smile

GL when theres noone in the queues to play with. Im already having that issue with GM3 SHs. Coming into GM3 HoR and youre the only one in the instance over and over.

GM3 is meant to be played with a premade coordinated group though. It says so in the description of GM3. So it’s not really a surprise that few people queue for it solo. Granted, by now there are people with full Legendary loadouts who could probably solo GM3 if they wanted, but they seem to resent being queued with anyone who isn’t also decked out in full Legendaries, because they don’t want to “carry” anyone.


It also is about drop rates per hour. A lot of people feel like GM3 just doesn’t have sufficiently high drop rates to justify the amount of time it takes to complete. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that those people have left the game. It just means they queue for GM2 instead, and/or GM3 freeplay, and/or GM3 strongholds with full groups of other people with Legendary loadouts.

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Re: OMG...This is Very Sad...

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@GuruChaz wrote:

@MaireDevylin wrote:

Everything I've ever heard about EA is that they are a nightmare to work for.

They got voted worst company two years in a row.  Worst out of everybody.   That's pretty messed up...and they still didn't learn anything with all their followup microtransactions and lootboxes.  EA used to make really good games in the 90s.

God knows I am no defender of EA but this time around I think the poor end result falls on Bioware management. It just seems like after Hudson left the rest of the team fell apart. In the end if EA didn't have Mark Darrah come in I don't think Bioware would have had more than a Stronghold or two done even today.

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Re: I wont say it ...but...

@Demonseid wrote:

I told you so.... All of you apologists out there.... 

Thanks for sharing your view, but as it is about the Kotaku article, this thread of discussion really needs to go in there (moving your post). Standard smile


Mostly following BioWare and Star Wars games. Old timer. Helping out here does not mean I work for EA so I don't have all the answers. Also hangs out on BSN. 

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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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I've just seen AngryJoe's rant on Anthem fueled by that Kotaku article.


I came here because I wanted to say: my heart goes out to all the game developers who put their heart and soul into Anthem, to all those who were ignored when they brought up issues, to everyone who suffered from bad leadership decisions.


5-ish years of pre-production, no playable builds to test on, back and forth decisions ... may there finally be rest for you poor souls. I feel you.

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Re: Ineresting news article on Anthem.

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I really appreciate the work and investigation of Jason, but what he's doing now is a witch hunt. Sure, he's writing a new book, but does he really have to tell the world, what Bioware is doing internally? He had his moment, and the gaming world can be thankful of his journalism. But his latest tweets are just ... /doh /smh
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