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Re: Incorrectly Banned Account

by TheDarkTemplar00

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Re: Incorrectly Banned Account

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Hey @TheDarkTemplar00,


The Terms of Service (TOS) team that reviews any account actions like this is currently taking a bit longer than normal to get through the cases due to a high volume, but this has definitely been quite a long wait in particular so I did take a look to see what was up.


It looks like one of the earliest cases you had opened was sent up to the TOS team to be reviewed, but from what I'm seeing that same case was later resumed. If you resume a case that's been sent to the TOS queue, that will remove it from their queue which can delay the process.


Typically in these situations I would recommend opening a brand new case if you're trying to check on the status of a previously submitted appeal, just to avoid any potential delays by removing a case that's already been sent to our TOS team.


In this case I do see one of the more recent messages you sent in was put back in the TOS queue. That's in the right spot now so you will hear back once they get to it, but definitely be sure not to resume your currently open case to prevent any additional delays.


Hopefully that helps clarify why this one has been a bit longer than most, I do appreciate the patience.

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Re: Incorrectly Banned Account

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@EA_Mako Thank you! Hopefully I get a favorable response!
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