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Incorrect Rank Symbols & Corresponding Titles

by ISterlingArcher

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Incorrect Rank Symbols & Corresponding Titles

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Within the game, rank 400 is a high ranking officer rank (Colonel IIRC), but the symbol used is for the rank of Sgt. First Class. We know that these are US army rank symbols, since the other factions have a completely different set of symbols, during WWII and presently. Basically, only the enlisted rank insignia is used except for the last dog tag. Was there a plan to add dog tags for the officer ranks, too, but it was scratched/postponed? 


On a separate note, the titles/names of each rank should be shown everywhere the rank symbol is shown. For instance, where you find the rank progression dog tags, the Profile overview, etc. Right now, it only appears on the upper right hand corner of the "Your Company" screen.






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