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Incendiary Launcher for vehicles

by Marcusspinner

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Incendiary Launcher for vehicles

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I just want to point out that the Incendiary Launcher from rank 2 for the Churchill MkVII specilization is to underwhelming. The reload time is very long and the radius of the to projectiles is to small. Also the two incendiary grenades have a limited distance what makes really weak and underused. Also the Staghound has the Incendiary Launcher as a rank 4 unlock what makes no sense to have a specilization this weak for a rank 4 unlock. Please DICE rework this specilization because right now it is really out of place!

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Re: Incendiary Launcher for vehicles

Hello @Marcusspinner

Incendiary granades are there only to defend your tank for a bit.. They will not defend you for 100% everytime. Standard smile

Tanks need to be balanced in this game and i think that it is fine now how it is..
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Re: Incendiary Launcher for vehicles

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I don't get it, for the staghound it a rank 4 unlock really not an usefull specialization to equip for that rank. For the Churchill it's oke? This specialization is just unbalanced, because then both would have the same rank unlock in the case of the Churchill rank 2 unlock. If the specialization would be a rank 4 unlock, then the Churchill should lose it from rank 2. And if the specialization should be both ranks then it needs a buff for both the staghound and Churchill.

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