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Re: In disbelief..

by Spectre_01101

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In disbelief..

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With as many problems as this game has, it seems like you would be rolling out patches almost every other day to fix standing issues.. The practice of waiting to fix a lot, in a single patch, is losing you players due to them having to wait on fixes to a game that was unfinished to begin with. That practice won't work for this title, as it's so messed up.  I haven't played in almost two weeks, and I come back to no change at all. NOTHING. See, now I won't play for even longer due to lack of faith in your efforts. Not that it matters much to you now; you made your money off of me at this point, right?..


Are you guys only focused on Apex Legends at this point because it might make up for the money you've spent on this unfinished game?.. Seriously. I see why it's a 'one time purchase' now. You made your money off of idiots like myself.. Thanks. This goes towards my next few comments..


I've watched, and waited, for this game for almost two years now... THIS is what I get. I've refused to play Apex for this sole reason. I will not support a developer that seems to abandon a product, and fans, they've been promoting for so long.


I've had issues with EA in the past. This sealed the deal. I will not invest another dime into anything associated with EA until you get it together. You have a lot to prove, as if you didn't already. This was my fault, honestly. I knew better than to buy into anymore EA hype.. Your company, honestly, ranks up there with Supercuts when it comes to games; quantity over quality. Apex; the Sun shines on a dog's * every now and then..JS. 

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Re: In disbelief..

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EA doesn't develop games anymore. They are only the publisher.

Apex legends has nothing to do with anthem.
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Re: In disbelief..

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Thank you for pointing out specifics. EA, being the 'publisher', should be even more scrutinizing over the titles they put their name behind. You only strengthened that point.

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Re: In disbelief..

Bit of an odd post, OP, have you any awareness of how game development works? A patch has to be assembled, tested and certified, you can't just pop them out every 48 hours. Patch 1.0.4 is planned for this week, we just don't know the day yet. Two big patches in the month since launch seems to me to be moving at a good speed.


I can relate to frustration about some of the remaining issues, but a song and dance when a big patch is about to drop, seems at least ill-timed. Wondering

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Re: In disbelief..

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As stated, I haven't paid any attention to this game in weeks. Was not aware there was a 'big patch' coming this week. Ty for the heads up, honestly. Hoping for the best. Can't say I have a lot of faith at this point though.. We'll see.


Also, having to deploy that many big 'fixes' within the first month of launch degrades my faith in any developer. Not sorry.. I get the patches have to be vetted; however, the patches shouldn't be needed to this extent. There are a lot of other developers that have made those mistakes already. I cringe at a developer that doesn't learn from the mistakes that others have made, and decide they've got this. Apparently; Anthem. Learn from the mistakes of others, and improve. They should be fixes, not major overhauls. This goes back to my original post, and my disappointment after avidly waiting for years on this title.

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Re: In disbelief..

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It's the common model, as you can see in dev communications, they shift to a 'live team',


This is probably 10-12 people. It's understandable, in many ways, why they don't continue to throw the whole company at it. Fixing a broken mechanic might be trivial pre-launch, but post-launch you're weighing up 'how much do we screw the people who geared for this over'. It's pointless throwing mass development effort into this black hole.


It's why no game has massively evolved in a short-term as a live service. Gamers with experience can look at Anthem as it is, and accept it will be minor content rollouts and updates for the remainder of it's (probably 12-month) natural lifetime.


The problem as I see it, is for gamers who've not followed the industry trends, critical review, etc., is they still fall for promises. There's still a huge bubble, probably about to burst, that sells promises rather than games. Star Citizen is probably foremost amongst this, but other publishers (EA included) have surely recognised the games industry is working on the counter-mantra to the 'deliver more than you promise' approach in many other industries.


Frankly, as games like Star Citizen demonstrate, promises seem to generate a lot of money. You can release in 'early access' or whatever, and people will buy into the vision, rather than the product. Cynically, if you're looking to make money, the fact your promises of delivering the vision, under the vast majority of funding mechanisms, come with 'no strings attached' (meaning, if you wish, you can pocket the cash and release minor updates)


The other side of this, is that Anthem provides reasonable entertainment for 10 hours. It's actually not terrible value for money. Gamers also tend to have ludicrously high expectations, because (in part) marketing and publishing seeks to build this.


I don't really think we can realistically argue with, advocate against, or defeat the trend. We just have to wait naturally for games like Star Citizen to implode, along with crowdfunding, and early-access, because anything that is basically a consumer deception can only last so long (I couldn't sell anyone snake oil, right?). It's not a bad thing to release an ok - or even a bad game - the thing that's driving quality down at the moment, though, is the fact a bad game with good but impossible promises is more financially viable than a good game.

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Re: In disbelief..

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@SofaJockeyUKto your "have you any awareness of how game development works? A patch has to be assembled, tested and certified"


If that is so, how is it possible that Anthem fell through the quality assurance?

It felt like they did not test it with a large group of people at all tbh.

A good quality department would have given all those loading screens the boot to begin with! They are not appropriate for the 21th century!


This part of a game was in development for 7(!) years and I played through the content in a bit more than 2 days. I would even have been faster if bugs, a variety of connection errors, quest problems and crashes wouldnt have forced me to restart all the time!


7 years and those masses on bugs and design flaws and a tiny bit of content? That makes one think that someone at EA/BW has no clue how game development actually works anymore because they just have the benjamins in sight who drown everything else out.

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Re: In disbelief..

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I think they are used to other games using more efficient engines. I've seen developers release patches and hotfixes every other day to fix problems on PC, and slightly less frequent on console due to certs.


However, those games did not run on Frostbite. It would be nice to see more frequent fixes, but one or two patches a month is likely the best we will see with how long it takes to make changes with this engine combined with Sony and Microsoft's certification process.


@Sleepwalker_VIE  Look up Life of Tiger, it is proof Sony doesn't really care about the quality a game releases at.

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Re: In disbelief..

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trust me i would rather they take their time patch wise then rushing like the did the last 2 patches it didn't go well with them doing so

would also help if they learned to not do patches on a weekend
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Re: In disbelief..

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in fairness consoles are holding it all back. they require to be tested by sony and MS. PC patches could be rolled out instantly pretty much. but then consolers would cry and get pissed. 

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