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Improve my build or suggest a better one :)

by Zixus

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Improve my build or suggest a better one :)

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Hello everyone!


As the title say i would like some feedback on how to improve my ranger. Maybe you guys have some awesome suggestions i could learn from or maybe this thread might serve as inspiration to others. Well, to give suggestions you guys need to know how im currently equiped and im gonna give a short explanation to why im using what i use.


I am focused on a weapon elemental build with shield break potential (E) and decent AoE. A few items is empathised on survival. Playstyle is simple but effective. Focusing on using weapon/proc and detonate with E on cd. On larger packs aoe prime with melee and detonate with Q. Ulti when ready (which is often) since Q and Badge of Devastation fills it up quite quick.   

 [A] = represents it affects everything. [*]= represents weapon or gear effect only




MW Ralner's Blaze:  [A] +15% Elemental dmg, +14% E speed,  [A] +18 weapon dmg.

On the contrary on what many use Ralners for (range prime) im only use it for its damage potential. The white dmg is pathetic with around 1k per hit (on average without weak point) but the fire proc hits for between 40-50k on average. Thats a insane DPS increase every 5th shot compared to non proc weapons. Also fire does 25% extra dmg against shields which is the biggest problem in GM3 imho.


LG Artinias Gambit: [A] +27% dmg, +75% armor.

The bonus effect on the weapon is useless and basicly a stat stick for the extra allround 27% dmg. But it have relative high white dmg and RPM making it decent against fire immune enemies and others like buildings or objects.


Gear (double detonator for survivability)


LG Avenger’s Boon: [A] +18% gear speed, [*] +225% gear dmg.

By far the best assault launcher in my opinion. The shield break potential is amazing that is by far the most anoying thing in GM3. Its also a detonator and have relative short CD making it available quite frequent. Should note that i havent found a LG Ember’s Lace to try with since it stacks with fire/elemental dmg. Might hurt survivability since it cant detonate.  


LG Last argument: [A] +29% dmg, [*] +50% gear dmg.

I like this one since its one of few AoE abilites available for rangers. Its a detonator for increased survivability and the extra effect can sometime fill the ulti bar on one enemy pack. Been looking at The Gambit, but fire and ice dont mix well making it subpar.





LG Airborne Advantage: + 43% luck

Was my first LG and used it pre-patch where weapon proc dmg was low and rangers had to focus on increasing impact dmg. When i look at it now i realise its quite bad for my build but it have a few things thats good. Impact stacks with Avenger’s Boon. Being LG it increase proc and ulti dmg, and it increase armor/shield.


LG Vanguards Badge: No good stats

Its a really solid choise since i use my melee to prime ALOT. The electric effect stacks with + elemental dmg. Also the bonus effect is truly useful for survivabilty.


LG Victor’s Resolve: [A] +5% fire effect

Blast dmg increase grenade and ulti which is much needed for AoE, and the small impact reduction only affects Avenger’s Boon since weapon dmg is laughably low anyway. The bonus effect can heal you up in a few sec if you dont take dmg, which is nice.


MW Badge of Devastation: [A] +13% fire effect

Basicly to boost Avenger’s Boon for shielded enemies and combos. The bonus effect for ulti is not bad.


MW Tip of the Spear: +25% ultimate speed

This is probably the most important component in all ranger builds. Even tho 60% combo dmg is nice its the bonus effect that is truly amazing and the reason i run with double detonators. Without it i would die alot more. Since its affect the whole party you can combo an enemy near a fallen comrade and they will ”ress” without having to hold F.


MW Elemental Ops: No decent stats

This is the single most important item for dmg. +50% fire on Ralner’s proc would be enough but after the patch it applies acid aswell increasing dmg even further and primes them. I think this will be mandatory in all builds since its a free vendom dart without CD and opens up for other weapons than just Ralner’s for range priming.


This is what i currently think is the best build ive tried which balance single target dmg, aoe and survivabilty in a healthy combination. What would you change in my build to make it better? Or do you use completly different weapons/gear/components that works well for GM3? Please let me know.


Thanks for reading and any suggestions!


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