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Re: Idea to fix loot

by Zegmoosafax

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Re: Idea to fix loot

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Thanks for the input,

I think the drop idea could be helpful,
as far as the epic and rare sigils.... scrapping them for components is useful... to a degree... gonna guess that you have 500 + components of each... so that doesn't really hold as valuable in my opinion...
plus that doesn't address that the actual item is useless... if epics and rare use is solely for the components, why not make them easier to scrap.. and just drop MW and LG at their normal drop rate and a bunch of components instead, even that would be better than the current set up... and that's a terrible idea

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Re: Idea to fix loot

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You might be right, I just feel like lowering the ceiling isn't the way to go. I feel like they just need to make the grind to the top more smooth


as far as the empowered being weaker power than MW, to be completely honest.. if it were me... I would make MW LG and empowered all the same power level and make either the inscriptions be improved in any of the many ways you can imagine to determine the difference or bonuses attached to the MW and LG make them more effective, but that would be a great balancing act that at this point I don't think Bioware can manage ... just didn't think people would jump on board with that idea, and the problem is when people read your ideas they latch on to something they don't like and ignore the rest... it was my attempt to be more clearly received 

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