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Re: Idea to fix loot

by MavorMWS

Original Post

Idea to fix loot

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I know I'll get bashed because I needed to post elsewhere.... I don't spend a lot of time in forums so, sorry.


I just wanted to throw out an idea about progression and loot that I think is pretty solid.


I'll just dive into it.


1. Loot needs to have potential.

Loot does not have to always be an upgrade but a good loot system should make loot always have the potential of being useful. 

Purples are not useful, and you can't scrap them quickly... doubly painful. Once you have full Masterwork or higher gear they actually become painful to collect because you have to scrap them afterwards. 

Add a new tier (empowered or some crap I don't care what you call it) and on Grandmaster difficulties purples no longer drop

You can have empowered tiered items that are no different than current purple items, but have a much closer power level so that players might use them simply for the inscriptions they have attached. This wont effect the longevity of trying to collect the "perfect" masterwork or legendary, but it will make all loot slightly more useful.

2. Make scraping loot easier and the currency it produces more useful.

Scrapping loot more effectively can be achieved in multiple ways, here are a few quick ideas. Map a button to tag useful items quickly then scrap all non-useful. Create a filter that can be turned on that automagically scraps selected item types with selected rarity levels. 

Item currency... this one is trickier.

I think what should be done is consolidate all item currency based on rarity into 1 pool, and make scrapping higher rarity items generate more as apposed to have different currencies in different rarities. 

Then make the item currency have more uses. Sell them for coins, create some 1 shot emojies or aesthetics that can be purchased with coin or weapon currency, change item be honest I really don't care what you could spend them on, i just know that if the currency was more useful then it wouldn't be as painful collecting and scrapping useless items.




Now here is a side note... These ideas are a bit more radical so I expect many people will disagree


assuming the Empowered tier is added.


Masterworks and Legendaries need to be more different


I think that Masterworks should change an ability... not necessarily make it better...


heres an example... this is what i would do with Ice Storm


Ice storm is a great utility ability, not very damaging, but its utility is superb, and its charges make it very flexible


Empowered version is the same but has good power... so its a solid choice if you like the original ice storm but still want a good overall power level


Masterwork version would only have 1 charge, 200% larger area, a 1 second delay, and then an explosion in an inner circle that does a decent amount of damage and a higher Ice build up


These changes wouldn't be very difficult to implement, but would dramatically change the use of the ability. 


Then players would be able to choose whether they liked the empowered Ice Storm or the Masterwork Ice Storm, thus creating more build options.


I personally think you could slightly tweak every ability in the game like this and it would really improve the game, it would make less items useless and create more build options


Now you guys can thrash me! Thanks for the read anyway!!!!!!






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Re: Idea to fix loot

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To be honest, I didn't read the whole thing. I kinda stopped when you suggested adding another tier of drops worse than MW. That just adds another layer of RNG we have to deal with when something drops from a mob or chest. The rate is bad enough as it is now, we don't need to dilute it even more.

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Re: Idea to fix loot

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Not even close, the tier I'm offering doesn't change the current set up. Just replaces useless with potentially useful. Granted it doesn't address the people who are hunting the perfect gear, but it does address the trash loot


Maybe I'm wrong but ask yourself this.


If an epic ability dropped that didn't reduce your power level and had better inscriptions on it than the current MW item you had equipped, would you use it? If so than making a build and grinding gear would be much easier and much less painful. 


I don't think the only answer is increase loot drops. Obviously its my opinion but I think that's a band-aid solution and actually could hurt the games longevity more than it helps the actual problem. I think that solution would be fine if the game had significantly more content and more to progress past Legendary with perfect inscription. Currently that is not the case, so that solution would not truly help the game, it might help it for a couple of months but it would make it worse after that. 


that's just my opinion


Thanks for the input regardless!

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Re: Idea to fix loot

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A new "item tier" as you say, could be some kind of item sets.

Each javelin got at least 2 ways to be played, and the community has ever figured them out.

So, "easily", we could have sets of items perfectly fitting for each gameplay. (as a Colossus player, i.e. we could get a "shield rammer" set, a "through the fire and flames" set...)
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Re: Idea to fix loot

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An Epic item with the same power as a MW but with better inscriptions than a Masterwork? Wouldn't that just be a Proper Masterwork Item? Also, that would involve fixing the inscription system so, why not just fix the inscription and drop system and be done with it? Your idea adds an additional Roll to the RNG for what drops you get, diluting the drop pool even more.


Why not just fix the drop rate on Legendary Items and the goddamn awful inscriptions we have now? At this point, I don't trust them not to completely screw up the drop system, or the game in general, by introducing a whole new class of drops to the game.

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Re: Idea to fix loot

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No worries but you aren't getting it and that's fine. 


Lets say this is the current drop rates.. I know its not I don't care... this is a demonstration of how this isn't diluting the loot

GM difficulties


epic - 85% -useless

MW- 14.5% 

LG- .5%


This is my model

GM difficulties


empowered 85% - not useless

MW- 14.5%

LG- .5% 


not diluted... 


I wasn't saying that empowered items would have a buffed inscription.... I was saying that do to having more relevant gear, the chances that you find an item with better inscription increases... So if you find an empowered ability that RNG has better inscriptions than your current RNG MW, would that be enough to consider it an upgrade of sorts. 


At this point this is becoming an argument and that's not really what I am intending here. 


To sum up my point. 


I'm not saying that this is a 1 stop fix for all the loot issues, but I think its a good start


I don't think that improving loot drops for MW or LG = Game Fixed, but honestly they could improve loot drops and that doesn't fix the fact that epics are still useless.


I think that the issue is larger than just not getting enough MW or LG gear


I believe that if more loot was relevant, you would essentially improve loot drops without having to lower the ceiling.


Basically, if more loot is useful.... you improve loot drops without reducing the longevity of the game


But sincerely, thanks for the input 


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Re: Idea to fix loot

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I would suggest an easier improvement for the loot drops. There should be increased chance of getting legendary items depending on the currently equipped items. The change should be applied to legendary drops only, MW drops should not be affected.


E.g. a player is looking for a legendary bloodlust component, while they only have a MW version of it. They simply have to equip MW bloodlust and this should increase the chances of getting a legendary bloodlust. If a player is using a legendary item with bad inscriptions this player should simply have it equipped to increase the chances of getting this particular item. This way the player should be getting this item more often, i.e. the chances of getting this item with better inscriptions should be higher.


I salvage rare and epic items to craft sigils, this makes both rare and epic items useful.

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Re: Idea to fix loot

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Ok, I that helped. I missed the Epics don't drop part in GM levels, that resolves the dilution of the loot pool.


As for the Empowered, better (not buffed) inscriptions, and a slightly higher power level than the current Epics but not as high as the MW? Those would become useless just as quickly as Epics now because right now, the Masterworks are worthless drops in GM2 and up. I get the idea, but they need to focus on Legendary and eventually the level of drops beyond those.


Also, .5 is just way too low for legendary drops with the insane amount of RNG involved in each drop. 5% would be closer. Because of the terrible inscription system, it would probably take 200 legendary drops to actually get the build you want, if not more. I still get +1% Damage inscriptions on drops.

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Re: Idea to fix loot

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@MaireDevylin wrote:


I still get +1% Damage inscriptions on drops.

Shouldn't that be fixed a few weeks ago ? Oo

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Re: Idea to fix loot

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yea.. because they have listened to the other 900000 suggestions about it so far.

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