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Idea to fix Loot/Crafting

by 1nfinityEagle

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Idea to fix Loot/Crafting

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I don`t know about everyone else, but I have several Masterwork that have better rolls than my Legendary drops. What if we could take the best roll from a Masterwork and Craft it onto a Legendary of the same type that we have? The Masterwork gets "used up" with other crafting mats, but you would replace the roll of your choosing on the Legendary, with one from the Masterwork .

As an example; What if I could take the +175% dmg off the Masterwork and put it in the place of the +18% physical dmg on the Legendary. You would "use up" the Masterwork, embers and other crafting materials (to be determined).

I think this could help us on the loot problem, even if the drops did not change, we could get better stats on what we already have.



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Re: Idea to fix Loot/Crafting

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Thoughts like that are good.


Crafting is currently broken because you can't craft anything worth crafting, really.


Since you can't craft legendary items, there's no endgame purpose for crafting, which is broken because crafting is a really good concept.


What would make crafting better is control over the type of inscriptions with RNG values instead of being stuck with both RNG inscriptions *and* RNG values. 


As far as when you say masterwork is better than legendary, you don't seem to be considering which inscriptions are actually important, currently. Although I feel the current itemization for Max Armor%/Max Shield% is broken because the primary slot to obtain both inscriptions is from weapons... the current truth is that Max Armor%/Max Shield% is more important on your weapon than Weapon Damage% is. Especially because Weapon Damage% doesn't affect proc damage from the weapon (i.e., Ralner's Blaze, Thunderbolt of Yvenia, etc.).


Ultimately, the damage from Ralner's Blaze (and likely any other proc weapons) is more based on the quality of the weapon (legendary vs. masterwork) because higher power increases proc damage and the primary source of damage for that weapon is from the proc, subsequent burning, and combo detonation... not the bullet damage. 


So in your example, I would rather equip the legendary Ralner's Blaze than the masterwork version. I would do more damage and have more survival from the 90% shield max inscription. Additionally, the Physical Damage% inscription is javelin-wide, so it would modify any gear, combo, or ultimate damage that was physical-type (kinetic/acid). 


Weapon damage is really insignificant because weapon damage, in general, is insignificant. Weapons only provide filler damage in between gear and ultimates.


Gear is your primary source of primers/detonators. The best scaling damage is from melee (only really viable for Interceptor), combos, procs, and ultimates. 

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Re: Idea to fix Loot/Crafting

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Yeah I agree those kinds of ideas are great. 


Any kind of improvement like this to the crafting/loot system would be great. I’d love to be able to make use of my currently useless loot. I’ve crafted maybe 1 item because there’s really not much point. 


I have a feeling they’re going to surprise us with some new crafting/loot updates. Hopefully sooner than later.


I think their heads are down right now working on some big updates for us. Once we see what they’ve been working on we’ll all have some better sight where the next changes should be.


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Re: Idea to fix Loot/Crafting

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I always felt legendaries needed a forge system like in other games.  Place 2 like items ie weapons, components, seals in forge click combine. The result is one legendary with a random mix of the stats.  If you used the same item on both you would get that item back with the mix.  There is a chance you could end up with they same stats. That risk would always be there.  Resulted items would need to follow current stat roll rules. An example or those rules would be weapons get 2 masterwork stats and 2 legendary ones.  I think weapons need to be the same type or you could get some really weird mixes though.


Atleast while risky it would be better than just destroying legendary after legendary because I dont want anymore pickup radius rolls. 

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