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Idea for a fresh Battlefield

by lucasalves55

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Idea for a fresh Battlefield

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Battlefield has gone to pretty much all famous modern wars and even went to the future. Over the years the formula begin to get satturated. Than why not go to a medieval scenario, battlefiel in all it's scenarios only worked with guns, but I think it's time to do something new! A place where you could go as a knight, a rougue, an archer or even a barnarian type of character with a maul! 

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Re: Idea for a fresh Battlefield

Hello @lucasalves55

I don't think that this gonna happen... Battlefield games were always about Modern Warfare and World War 1, 2..

Yes there is future Battlefield 2142, but i think that it was just a try how people will react if we get future Battlefield game.. Standard smile
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Re: Idea for a fresh Battlefield

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"Battlefield: Viking Warfare Available via EA Access 2 weeks earlier October 2020!!"
the thought of it arouses me..
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Re: Idea for a fresh Battlefield

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There is such a game.
Fabian loves it:

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