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Re: I will Quit if this game gets Solos

by zx_Uli

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Re: I will Quit if this game gets Solos

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like everything but the negative points feature... as toxic players would just use this against others, and it would turn into a big * show


I dont like it when people are toxic/cursing w/e, but i feel like it could really be abused...

and i dont know about the forcing players to stay either, as that creates toxicity in its own, eventho i dont like it when they leave, and makes me rage.... i think the alternative would be something that would never heal and fester into something really dark :\


Punishment is a tricky thing....

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Re: I will Quit if this game gets Solos

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stop spreading your socialism here . solo Q will just offer a deathmatch instead of what we have now . 

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Re: I will Quit if this game gets Solos

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I want a solo queue, not because I think solo in this game would be any good but because I want to get the solo players out of my squads...
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Re: I will Quit if this game gets Solos

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Solo mode? more like 60 Wraith killing each others.

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Re: I will Quit if this game gets Solos

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It's kind of awkward to start a team game and go off solo completely ignoring the team. But that's the only way to play solo now and that's exactly what I do when I feel like playing alone. If you enjoy your teammates doing that, then you're a masochist. Solo mode will be good for everyone. It's really awkward the game was even released without one. At the very least 1-man squads had to be implemented from the very start. PubG had this all figured out already, there's no shame in copying it...


P.S. I like playing premade squads, I like playing random squads, I like playing solo. I prefer to do what I want when I want (and I do just that).


P.P.S. Solo would not be 60 wraiths, not by a long shot.  E.g., I think Bangalore is strongest 1x1. But I've even heard it sworn that Lifeline is by far the best legend to go 1x3 (and it may be true if you get the golden backpack and play around it)... Playing caustic and sitting in 1 house or on 1 rock all game long may also as well be the best possible strategy for some1 (and hey, there are no teammates that your gas will mess up, so he's definitely stronger for solo)...

Overwatch has solo deathmatch, healers obviously should be pretty bad there, yet you see them running around every single game. Why? Because it's fun.

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Re: I will Quit if this game gets Solos

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I don't get your point OP, there is no actual disadventage in adding solo or duo game modes, the player base is big enough. Au Contraire, those damn solo jumper randoms in squad mode finally don't * up your match anymore

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Re: I will Quit if this game gets Solos

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So the argument here is "That if they create Solos then toxic players will just go to solos which will make squads better".


That is false logic. How many other BR games have toxic players in Squads even though there is a solo queue?? Pretty much all of them. Toxic players aren't going away just because there is another mode they can play. 

This doesn't address the underlining issue. At least I suggested tools that can be used to lower the toxic population. The real truth is that all of you who are requesting this are too used to playing solos in Fortnite PubG or Blackout. The thing is, the Meta for those 3 games are different than Apex Legends and don't promote teamplay.  


Now I really don't care if they create a solos but what I do care about is it conflicting with the original Meta design of role based TEAMPLAY. That is what makes this game completely DIFFERENT than all the others. You cannot Play alone otherwise you will lose. You need your squad and your squad needs you.

Is it really that difficult to play well with others? 

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