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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

by Biochemikas

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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

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@Huntinwabits  Nah, if you are bad player, camping wont help you much, and also when I said "pro" I ment for hackers witch usually lay off game when they got their rewards

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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

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Trust me dude, Silver is the gutter tier. Don't worry about it.

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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

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@jjwillse Yea the fact that you basically CANNOT be hard stuck in bronze is a problem for me. I have maybe 4 lifetime kills so i know what sucking feels like. But see the problem actually going up in rank because i cant lose points in bronze! This is actually a very serious issue when its paired with starting EVERYONE at bronze 4 new accounts included. That means that new players and really bad players will NEVER have a decent place to play.

Smurfing will happen even more so with the way it is currently set. I dont understand how so few people actually realize how unhealthy ranked is right now. Soooooo many issues with it.
First you got the fact that a really bad player is GUARANTEED silver 4 which begs the question what is the purpose of bronze? Then you got the issue that you can EASILY abuse the ranked system. I am extremely bad, i cannot press this any harder, never tried a battle royale before this and i cant aim and i am reaching silver rather rapidly just by surviving until 10 teams are left. I dont need to see combat at all to climb.

Judging by the point costs, i expect i can reach gold 4 before i stop ranking up just by existing and not shooting at anyone
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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

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@jjwillse  Why smurfing? People aim for big rewards. If you make new account, you must start all over! Nobody benifints of  making new alts to play ranked.

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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

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With bronze not being able to lose points, silver WILL be the lowest skill tier rank when things stabilize. Bronze will have only the barely active or returning players - those aren't necessarily low-skilled players. On average, games should be tougher in bronze than in silver after a few months.

Having a buffer rank like bronze should actually help stabilize the experience of bottom tier (silver) by excluding the inactive players and new smurfs, cheaters, etc. Well, in theory at least.

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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

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@jjwillse wrote:

With this new online ranked mode I really wish my rank was able to actually go down as well as go up. I am a very casual player of this game thus I am not very good at it. I would really like to stay in the lower bronze tier with players around my skill level instead of eventually leveling up and being connected with people in the silver tier. 

Well eventualy people that play as much as you do end up in silver and silver will be the rank you are supposed to be.

But as it is, Bronse league has no purpose other then make people spend time in it, Basicaly removing a whole tier.

Dumb design if you ask me.


To adres smurfing you need to get people out of a certain tier ASAP.

If someone in bronse gets 15 kills you give them 100 RP and rank them up ASAP.

If you give a hard cap on how much RP you can get in a match, Your creating a smurf paradise.

20+ kills in a match and still only 18 RP. He can do that 10 matches in a row, and then go terror in silver.

And it takes a TON of time at the start of a season to stabalize things.


And you can't design a game and rank system with cheaters in mind.

There are other systems and programs for that.

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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

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It is a bit strange that you can't de rank. Over time, eventually everyone will level up out of bronze, it is literally impossible to get stuck there. There is no cost to enter a match, so unless you are dying right after drop you are going to earn enough RP to eventually hit silver. So Bronze won't just be filled with lower skilled players, it will be filled only with players new to ranked, effectively making Silver the rank that the lower skilled players with get stuck in. 


It would make more sense to allow de ranking. If you aren't earning enough RP to move up, and instead are going negative, you should eventually get de ranked to the next level below. Not just each level's tiers, but also down a complete rank. 

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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

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Every decision has a reason:


I think the reason they don't want to de-rank, since once people reach the rank they want to achieve, or they almost FALL into lower rank, they will STOP PLAYING.


That's really bad since the higher the rank, the harder to find players.


So image if you almost platinum/diamond, and once you reach it, you start struggling with it, then you start freak out that you're going to be demoted down, and loose all your hardwork and has to climb again, you simply said : "I reach my goal, this's my max rank, I'm done with this, I won't touch it anymore"


Then the servers can't find enough player or take so much time to start the game on platinum or diamond level. And if this's happening, no body can go to predator and top players start crying.



Note: You have to remember, once you level up to platinum, you might play with players that has been platinum for a while, going to diamond, or play with diamond entry level.

          There're top dogs, the steep curve could be very significant, die instantly, and you might start doubting yourself.

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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

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@asukojoThis happens with EVERY SINGLE ranked system they can put in place. I actually WANT to be able to derank in bronze because i know i suck. I WANT to have to work and get better to reach silver but for that to happen, i NEED to play vs players my own skill level. I will never get better if i keep going vs people with 1,000+ kills who are just wrecking bronze at every tier. I played heroes of the storm for years and i thought their ranked system was horrible but see, over there, you dont start at in bronze, it checks your MMR from wins (apex could in theory adapt that for kills/wins/damage) and they get started appropriately enough. You can also fall all the way down to bronze 5 and trust me it is HARD to fall to bronze 5 but at least the people there are all equally potato and thats how its supposed to be.

I mean we can go on and pretend they did the ranking system that horrible on purpose so that people have an easier time climbing so they get hooked on ranked longer but lets be real here, this ranking system seems like it was thrown together days before E3 just so they had something to show there.

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Re: I want my online rank to be able to go down and up.

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The rank just started (1 week only), it take time to start good separation.


Top dog players (shroud, dizzy, ) who play hours & hours everyday are in gold right now, climbing to platinum. 


As week goes by, the separation will get bigger so experience will get better.


Rough estimate is 1 rank per week for normal people to level up, so at least 5 weeks to get good separation.


The higher the rank the more RP needed and the harder to climb up (2-3 weeks)


But at least by 5 weeks, most good player are already in platinum.


Silver should be fine, since it's gutter tier rank.





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