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I need some help / advice

by rockyboy1998

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I need some help / advice

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Hi community, 


I don't really know what has happened this season but I am really struggling to play at my usual level. 


I'm noticing that I am missing a ton of shots, losing a lot more of my gunfights consequently my average damage and KD has dropped. 


Has anyone ever been in a 'rough patch' like this and how did you get out of it? 


This has also led me to lack confidence when pushing fights, I usually am the front man in my team but I am now hanging back more as I just feel as I'm going to be knocked all the time. It's causing me huge frustrations and makes me mentally annoyed! 


Really interested to see what other people have done and how they have turned things around.

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Re: I need some help / advice

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@rockyboy1998 Maybe share some of your video during gunfight then we can analze it together ?


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Re: I need some help / advice

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@asukojo Sounds like a good idea.

I will start clipping some game play once I have a few clips together I will post them on here and let you have a look! Thank you!
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Re: I need some help / advice

@rockyboy1998 I'd just take a break. How is your connection? How about your teammates? Same people or different? Funnily enough my damage per game is down 10% but my kd is up 20%. I'm sniping less so the damage makes sense. I'm also thirsting a but more so that could be the KD.
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Re: I need some help / advice

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@rockyboy1998 maybe you are a close-range fight player and this map is focusing on mid to long-range so you will need to adjust your aim more and be more accurate .in my case its the opposite of what is happening with you, my win and kill rate went up because I like mid to long-range fights especially mid-range, it's where I feel that I have the advantage
with time you will get used to it but you need to focus on your aim more than your movement
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Re: I need some help / advice

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@rockyboy1998 make sure you go in with an open mind as well, you get back what you put out, so if you go in thinking you're not going to have a good time, you might notice (as I frequently do) that your brain is sending the signals to move your hands, and your hands shoot back a signal asking why. 


On top of that, try warming up before starting. A few mag dumps with your most used weapons on the firing range without any attachments is a great way to wake up the hands and prep for a match. Try to stay on target while strafing, and throw in a few crouches here and there too. 


Or if you've done all that, maybe it's just time for a break. Turn off the game, get a warm cup of tea, eat something nice, etc. etc. 

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Re: I need some help / advice

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@hayhor My connection is unreal to be honest, probably the best thing about my whole setup haha.
I am ordering a new controller soon though, I am going to check if the current version of Scuff will still be compatible with the next gen consoles.

My teammates are great, we each have our individual flaws but we work. We do get stuck in Plat though and can never get out which is so annoying and sole destroying.

My stats are massively down this season, it's mental. I did have a great season last season though to be honest, but that is because I was running Prowler and Hemlok all the time haha.
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Re: I need some help / advice

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@maximas1986 Hmm, I'm not too sure. I am losing a lot of my gunfights from all distances... this is why I am confused and cannot pinpoint where I am going wrong.
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Re: I need some help / advice

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@pastaclown Yeah that would definitely be the best idea about being open minded and I do tend to have that mindset when I go online but I just get shredded and shredded and shredded... and then the fun goes and then I get annoyed and then I strop, sulk etc.

I do need a new controller as well - I am going to look to order one for the new year. I want to get used to playing with paddles as well.

I find that the firing range isn't the same as in game though, I can hit my shots in the firing range all the time and I can even make the dummies move and barely take any hits.

I think a break might be needed, I haven't played at all today but will keep you updated with my progress.

@asukojo I have started to clip some of my games, I am putting them together and editing them so you can see some of my gun fights. I am trying to get a mixture of ranges for you as well.
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