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I'm shocked!

by MartenPhilip

Original Post

I'm shocked!

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So after experiencing a fatigue from the game quite rapidly ( 1 month of actively playing it  ) I took a break. 

And I felt like reliving the game since this morning so I downloaded and installed it an hour ago. 

And I'm shocked how unintelligible the community has become, it's shockingly extreme. 
No pinging, running off on their own, loot hoarding everything for themselves. 

It's like I'm experiencing a gathering of socially challenged people attempting to play a team based multiple player game. 

Now granted these were common issues during the release but I found them to be rather minimal. 

But 5 matches in a row with the exact same egocentric, anti-social, frustrating dimwitted game play experience. 
I couldn't help my self and just bail out on the game in its entirety. 

Not much has changed except for a unusual lack of Wingman spawns. 
And a significant decrease in player ethics and moralities. 

+1 for the community, you killed the game for me. 

I'm out, enjoy killing your player base even further. 

PS: I'm sharing 1 last feedback tip, penalize inappropriate player behavior and it's okay to be take harsh measurements abandoning the game after getting downed within the first minute? suspend them from rejoining a match for 30 minutes. Does it again within a certain time frame? suspend them again but with the suspension time doubled and so on. 

The game has too little restriction/penalties leaving the game vulnerable for severely autistic behavior towards one another. And yes I am literally using autism a commonly known disorder where anti social behavior is most common as an example for no regular average human would behave the way the current community does, not when they know they're participating in a team tactical online shooter. 

Good luck have fun! another bites the dust ( yes, another one average queue time is 5 minutes or longer that means the game is dying, already, thanks to you, the community.) 

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Re: I'm shocked!

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Remember when you kept defending this game a month ago? 


I´m glad you finally realized what´s happening, like a lot of us already did back then. High five


This company realy needs to get their things together ASAP, start to communicate more with us, add some punishment for inappropriate behavior (rainbow6 siege for example even bans for toxic behavior, which didn´t hurt the playerbase at all, but increased it) and start with some proper patches more frequently (and if they still have the approval problem with sony for each patch, then atleast give it to us PC players first)

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Re: I'm shocked!

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the game has changed dramatically.
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Re: I'm shocked!

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It's like people formed some sort of "autistic rebellion" to get solos into the game... It's ridiculous lol

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Re: I'm shocked!

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if you play when theres mostly chinese the quality of the game is bad. at might pacific time between night and day. for good games you need to play waking hours pacific time. then the chinese in china arent playing.

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Re: I'm shocked!

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All I have to say about the leaving early is: When I get matched with good players, I take time to spectate and wait for a revival. When I get matched with totaly noob playera, there is no point in not leaving right away.


First step is rhey need to fix matchmaking

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Re: I'm shocked!

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I don't really care about teammate level,  when I go down, even they're nubs, I still wait, they may take sometimes since they could be scare of failure/die, no good weapon,no weapon, no shield, not enough bullet, or simply embarrassment we watch his screen but I really appreciate their effort, not their result. 


If you claim you're so good, closed GOD, but you die first, duhhh???, I understand you can't expect nubs able to resurrect you, against evil that is better than you & him, but I like to see his best effort in doing so, that already make me happy, regardless of the result.


So give him a chance to try, don't give up on him ! Try to guide where the enemy is, help him out as much as possible, appreciate his attempt, regardless of the result, say Thanks to him for great effort to sacrifice himself for you! 



Note: If you give up on him when he is nubs, it will give him lasting impression that when he is the new star, he shouldn't wait for the revive from nubs as well, just bailout.


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Re: I'm shocked!

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I strongly disagree. When you play sports, you are matched with players that match your skill set. It is not the players reaponsability to waste their time knowing they are likely to lose in advance. It's Respawns responsability to make a fair matchmaking, or deliver a solo/duo option so that matchmaking is fair. I would not play sports with players that are not on my skill level so why would I play a video game with an opposite mindset. The same rules should apply in both fields.

Adding a leaving early penalty without a fair matchmaking would be very disapointing and could be a game killer for many players.
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Re: I'm shocked!

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Sports teams face much better teams all the time... I don't think that was the strongest comparison lol. They just have to take it on the chin and get better - same with APEX. You'll face some people who are better than you and some who you can completely mop the floor with. 

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