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Re: I'm downloading Fortnite right now.

by TonyTheEnemy

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Re: I'm downloading Fortnite right now.

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@PhantmCommandR wrote:

I share your frustration with the game.

But Fortnite? Really? How can you even compare them at all?!



I agree that Fortnite it trash, no sliding or climbing, building is dumb, shotguns are way too common and OP, 3rd person is dumb, skydiving is trash, you got ridiculous mechadroid destroyers players use you have no chance against (those actually autofire missiles at player build structures to destroy them) a LOT of one shot guns, and a minigun.


But..... it does have solo's, making it singlehandedly a more relaxed and chill game to play.

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Re: I'm downloading Fortnite right now.

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OK? I'll never understand why people feel the need to come to forums to tell people they are playing different games. Most people play more than one game. Congratulations. 

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Re: I'm downloading Fortnite right now.

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@Wingmannedbro a... and why not pubg?
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Re: I'm downloading Fortnite right now.

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I looked around for a step by step tutorial on building and found one but its not just showing building and so i made my own tutorial video showing the steps i saw in the video i link to in the video description;


and the keybinds i linked to before dont specify material change so i set it to h, otherwise your stuck when you run out of wood.

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