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I love PvZ BFN

by arit0824

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I love PvZ BFN

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I got to say, $30 surprised me. With three different worlds, multiplayer, and new characters coming in the future, it’s a really good deal. I’ve seen free to play games where one legendary costume costs nearly $50, and since that game is so popular, people would pay for it. This game has an upcoming battle pass that has no premium track, and instead it’s all a free version. There are rainbow stars coming, but you can earn them for free through weekly challenges and festival events.


Obviously you lose some, you gain some. Variants no longer exist, but instead elemental-orientated classes like snapdragon and electro slider. Like every game, there’s going to be balance issues and bugs. Some are game-breaking, some can be easily fixed. It’s EA decision to make one huge update to fix balance issues and bugs, and your going to have to just adapt and evolve, or play another game and come back later. Obviously if you keep playing the game even if you complain all the time, you still have hope for the game.


$30 for what I say is a $60 game is a huge discount. Overwatch was $60 and only had multiplayer but they pulled it off with Blizzard to back up. EA has such a bad reputation the past years, I think they are at least trying to fix their mess. Businesses want money, they have to listen to what people want for the money. Supply and demand, and EA is trying to do that.


I won’t be surprised if Oct 1st fixes a bunch of things. If they do that, then they are headed the right direction. Decision making for a multiplayer game is hard and you can’t satisfy everyone, I think the majority has spoken it’s voice. I didn’t play alpha so I don’t know why they didn’t fix stuff from alpha to founders edition, but they must have a reason why. I wouldn’t give up hope yet, especially since this game is more than PvP

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Re: I love PvZ BFN

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I love it as well. The price was a pleasant surprise. Based on the fact that even the release deluxe edition price will be 50 dollars instead of the typical 60/80 we often have, or the ultimate gold super primo edition Ubisoft loves to sell for 120 dollars and up these days, it's really nice to get a new PvZ shooter for a low price.


Not being able to purchase coins is new for the shooters, the idea that coins will only be earned by playing and they'll have a battle pass system where you can earn things in game and/or pay cash could be fantastic if done well. I'm looking forward to seeing how they will work, and I'll likely make additional purchases to help support more maps and characters over time, especially if they add new PvE areas as the two we already have are simply glorious. They could use a few tweaks to the battle chest difficulty though.


Overwatch isn't actually all that great and they should get a LOT more anger over the business model. 60 bucks for the game and then they sell loot boxes where you can get repeats of things that get you a pittance of the currency. You get one loot box for each level you earn but when events come up they lock out the special items so that you can't use your currency on them and when it's a limited time option like the Summer games stuff if you really want something you have to buy a lot of the loot boxes. I've never understood why EA gets singled out so much when Activision-Blizzard pulls that kind of garbage. I uninstalled Ovewrwatch a while ago.Plus like you post here, this game has a lot of PvE already and more PvP modes once they're all implemented.


The early October patch has a lot to address and I again wish they had some performance patches and a buff to corn and solider right now and then the rest later. A lot is riding on what the patch fixes. This is why feedback, good and bad, is so important, but it's best done with a level head.

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Re: I love PvZ BFN


I, too, had this problem!

@arit0824 it's also great to meet new people who're like-minded and positive.  Too bad we didn't meet on GW2.  


Great post, amigo!

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Re: I love PvZ BFN

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@arit0824 Yeah I'm enjoying it. I'm not much for PvP so gave mostly been running round the 2 PvE maps which has been a real blast. I've a few niggles. Moving sunflowers heal beam to the opposite side has totally thrown me lol! And I'm not sure I like the graphics as much as gw2, it feels somehow incomplete but I cant put my finger on it. But all in all so far I'm enjoying it. Especially given the price! But I'm a huge fan of gw2 so am hoping this will be just as engaging 😁
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Re: I love PvZ BFN

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I like the PvZ shooter games because nobody is through the roof toxic (OVERWATCH) and legendary items are all paid with in game currency, which is actually easy to obtain (FORTNITE).


The large scale servers make for balanced battles if one or two players are defective, losing doesn't feel like the worst thing, and there are half a dozen modes that all feel reasonably unique


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