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Re: I guess stats are bugged again?

by Aedensin

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I guess stats are bugged again?

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Just finished my first Grandmaster stronghold since the 1.4 update and got a few Masterworks and a ton of green ember (bug?), but pretty much everything had either 0% or 35% Shield Max.



I wanted to keep trying, but the stuttering was pretty unplayable after a single run.

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Re: I guess stats are bugged again?

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lol... never seen something like this and i have endless items (mws and legendaries). u r probably on console, right? weird bug, doesnt exist on PC from what ive heard of. or u just used photoshop to confuse people xD
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Re: I guess stats are bugged again?

Never seen that bug on Xbox. Hard reset maybe?

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Re: I guess stats are bugged again?

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@Geibla You don't read the forums much, then.  I've never seen this bug myself, but there definitely have been multiple forum threads about it before.  Supposedly it's a visual or temporary thing, and restarting the game "fixes" it.

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Re: I guess stats are bugged again?

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I'm on PC, this is the second time something like this has happened.


Honestly, the keyboard prompts and capped frame rate in the corner should have been a dead giveaway. 




Thanks for the heads up, I hadn't seen any threads about it lately, there was a large volume of them around launch but it died down afterwards. I had thought it fixed.


Hopefully Monday's update also deals with the uncommon ember in GM difficulty, too.

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