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I give up - until the next patch at least

by MisterDioneo

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I give up - until the next patch at least

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I've had too many crashes (not the power off kind) that I have dutifully reported,  too many lost connections to the servers in the middle of an expedition and too many matchmaking failures.


Even if that all gets resolved, I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to play the game in its current state.  I've got one Javelin up to MW and the other three aren't far behind.  I can survive normal expeditions at GM2 but the strongholds are still kicking my *.  Do I need to git gud?  Maybe, but I think I need better rolls for my equipment too and that's the bigger issue.  I was a day 1 Destiny player so I'm cool with the grind, but this grind is too much.  MWs drop so infrequently that hoping to get god rolls that way seems ludicrous.  I have blueprints for the weapons I prefer to use, and that's great.  Components are the bigger key and the grind to unlock just a couple of those blueprints per javelin is also ridiculous.  Then the amount of materials it takes to create MW weapons and equipment is also crazy.  I guess I can buy extra materials, but the amount of coin it takes vs the amount you earn once you've completed most of the basic challenges is also way out of wack.


Also - Legendaries.  I was so disappointed when I finally got a few to see that they're the same as Masterworks except two levels higher.


In short - nice game (when it doesn't crash), but I've hit a ceiling that I have no desire to bash my head through.

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