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I can has orange?

by Shiroune

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I can has orange?

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I did not get word that pre-orders got an exclusive orange lightsaber. I find it odd that out of the whole spectrum of lightsaber colors, orange, probably being the least common lightsaber color, was chosen to be exclusive. When I watched coverage of the game, I've seen people's gameplay footage from their review copies sporting an orange lightsaber making me think that surely, I would get to have one as well. I was excited because I actually own an orange lightsaber irl. However, I'm screwed for life because I decided to show my support for this game on release day rather than pre-order. I will now never in my life get to play the game with an orange lightsaber.


So I am hereby asking very nicely to EA if I can have an orange lightsaber. With cherry on top. Smiley face emoji.

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