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I blame the community!

by spikemail9

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Re: I blame the community!

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@Doc_Asmodeus wrote:

To MalreDevylinFrownand all the entitled whiners)


Umm, yea. I seem to recall saying it was a * move on the player's part, and it is but, it's there in the game. They didn't change how it works, they just used it as designed.


If you give most people the chance, they will take the easy road to get what they want. Why act all surprised and hurt when they do it in a video game? And to reiterate, they weren't cheating or hacking, just taking advantage of the developer's mistake.


I generally expect people to do this kind of stuff and, as this shows, I am rarely disappointed.


So yea, developer's fault.




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Re: I blame the community!

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@MaireDevylin : "they weren't cheating or hacking"


Assuming "they" are "the community" (the players), where and when weren't they cheating or hacking, what are you actually looking at here?


I've seen a player zoom through the map out of boundaries finishing the Stronghold seemingly instantly while the rest of us was still busy fighting mobs along the way.

Totally absurd fact about it: the Stronghold didn't even count towards the challenge progress, so a complete waste of my time and consumables.


I don't know whether he was hacking or cheating but that definitely doesn't read as clever use of game mechanics in my book. It definitely hurt my thirst for pixelated spider blood. It hurt my fun and it stole my time. All I want is play the damn game! Loading times, crashes, rubberbanding, disappearing enemies, bad scaling, useless inscriptions, awful misplay punishment / boss design, and that silly teleporting ahead with a loading screen because someone just skips all the gameplay and rushes ahead is bad enough already!


At least let me Colossus-smash the goop out of some useless enemies, that seems to be all that's left bringing joy to me while playing this game!

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Re: I blame the community!

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I wrote a post like this. It received 16 responses. A couple decent people agreed that there are better ways to give feedback than whining and freaking out. But most just accused me of being an idiot, or wasting my time, or that I was the whiney one, or some other hateful crap.


Then EA_Darko locked it because nothing productive was coming from it.


Welcome to the new bnet.

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Re: I blame the community!

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I blame the subreddit and the moderators there that also moderate r/DestinyTheGame

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Re: I blame the community!

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What you described sounds like cheating to me, especially if they went outside of the boundaries to complete the mission. A total * move. I was talking about the whole quitting after the second chest thing. Which is also a total * move but, not cheating.

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