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I blame the community!

by spikemail9

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I blame the community!

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I'm just confused as to why there's so much hate...the concept is amazing...bugs do need fixed... especially the game breakers...but the community is partly to blame for some instances...heart of rage chest farming IS game may be efficient but as it stands a 4 man group is capable of joining at the monitor fight...obviously this could be fixed by making all strongholds a fresh start...that may also mess with incomplete groups...but the community is to blame for this happening in the first place...think about this for a moment...could it be that the reason you're not getting the loot you need may be because you NEVER finish a game??? Maybe the loot system is screwing up because of so many quitters...anyone think of that?? No, because you're too busy complaining about your loot instead of playing the game with good manners...finish what you started...the only really good way to counter the loot grab junkies is to make all loot spawn at the end...after the boss can't finish the game or get disconnected you're SOL...fine by least the game won't be broken...thank you to those of you that finish the the lazy quitters, thank you for ruining this part of the game for the rest us... need to fix this asap before there isn't a community to this game too much to see it burn like this...






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Re: I blame the community!

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This is being fixed in patch 1.04 coming out next week. Now when you enter a Stronghold you will enter no longer than 2 min into the start, so there will be no more logging in at the last boss.


Not to say that some people may not still get to the chest and drop out still, but they are adding caches that can be opened for Vanity items at the end boss along with opening the end boss loot table to include a chance for Legendary drops as well.

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Re: I blame the community!

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They do that because the loot system, like just about everything else, is broken.  Just played for five hours the way the Devs intended and got nothing for it.  Who wants to play a game that wastes their time?  Nobody will keep playing this game with manners or otherwise so long as the Devs refuse to acknowledge what 90% percent of the community that's left is saying.  At that point, you can play the Heart of Rage with all the manners you possess by yourself, because no one else will be left to join.  

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Re: I blame the community!

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Agreed, a lot of people have been quitting this stronghold after the second chest, the community is causing that one.


The reason why people do this goes back to the overwhelming lack of loot leading them to feel frustrated. It doesn’t excuse the fact that they are making the game worse for others like you and me who finish the mission, but I think that when you have paid about £50 for a game that is riddled with bugs, doesn’t reward you for grinding and seriously lacks content after 6 years of development.


This is the reason why, they made people wait such a long time, the concept sounded so great, however the game was launched with so many bugs. Imagine a car dealer making customers wait 6 years for a brand new model, for them to only find out that the vehicle they paid good hard-earned cash for is riddled with faults... do you think customers would stand for that? 


I know it is a different industry and different amounts but it is the same principle where customers are not getting what they paid for, it is not good customer service.


And good customer service demonstrated when things go wrong, you listen to your customers. How many are saying the drop rate is too low, especially after they accidentally got it to a decent point? This is a bit like Theresa May 


There is no “hate”, just unhappy customers. I am increasingly become one of them and today I will be buying The Division 2 and play Anthem sporadically.


If it was “hate”, people would bother complaining and people demonstrates that people still want to play the improved game - even with the bugs and poor loot / lack of reward (I am getting 3-5 legendary drop per day), lack of content...I really enjoy the game still and all I want is for EA to give me a reason to come back and play this game.


The next patch is well needed!

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Re: I blame the community!

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There is no "hate".


Those problems occured in a lot of games before. I really wonder how a big team could make this game and never had the idea: well let us take a look what WOW (or Diablo or any other looterbased game) and WHY they do it that way and what was their past loot system and why did they change that.


Anthem is like a lootergame from the 2000es, as if there was no development and lessons to learn from other games.

I am alwaya asking: why do companies do not hire poeple like me who are old and played a lot of games? I could tell them after 5 hours of gameplay what is wrong with this game.



But I think it might just not be that easy. I am very sure that the developers and testers were aware of these problems. They were just overruled by people who have exactly NO IDEA about this stuff but THEY are in charge cause they wear a tie and have degree in management. THAT is the main problem of this game.


And I want this problem adressed to exactly those people. Not to the developers, not to the testers, not to the artists. They all did an amazing job.


And there is NO HATE. I do not have time for "hate". They can take the words of my customer feedback and learn for the future (or maybe for this game cause I do not think the problems are not fixable, it only would take a lot of work and money, but the developers will not get the resources from the people in charge to do so....)


Or they don't. I do not "hate" anybody. Standard smile

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Re: I blame the community!

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An absurd excuse for being a crappy human being gamer. All video games are nothing but a waste of time. The point is, whether or not you have fun.

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Re: I blame the community!

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I still don't feel that there is a lack of loot...I currently have 47 legendary items...I put time in to get's only a month into the game and I have every assault launcher and all but Vassa's arc for the ordinance slot for the colossus...multiple duplicates for alt builds...15 ish weapons to include dupes ...and 4 legendary components for colossus...I have progressed fairly without much wait...I did have a plateau effect when I hit didn't seem like I was getting anything that would level me...but I continued to play...a week later I received 12 legendary items in 4 loot patch...I went from 704 to 760...huge jump...I'm concerned that if they increase loot drop rates too much the community will Max out and lose interest...which is a viable concern for the business...the game is meant to be a grind...not a 2 hour loot fest...I feel ultra powerful in GM3 atm...if I hit 788 I think it may even be too easy...I appreciate the reasonable feed back that you've all presented...but there is still no excusing the community for causing such a disruption because of loot's to hoping that anthem fixes this issue...keep trash players from ruining our game...

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Re: I blame the community!

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Cheaters and rushers ruin it for me to the point of turning quickplay into a nightmare, so indeed I blame a part of the community, too.

(Rushers wouldn't hurt so much if the game was programmed differently, though.)

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Re: I blame the community!

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So, is the new thing posting about how you don't understand why people are upset at the game? Really?


How can you blame someone for playing the game within the confines of the game? They didn't hack it or create an exploit. They are playing the game as it was designed. Is it a * move to do it? Yes, yes it is but it's just another example of bad design and testing. You'd think developers, of any game, would know better by now. Players will find and take the shortest route to get to the rewards. They are actually doing the developers a favor by pointing out all their shortcomings and screw-ups. Some Corporations did this all the time in Eve to point out the glaring problems in certain areas. It got results and the developers fixed the problems. 1.04 will fix that problem and without the players exposing it, it probably would have stayed that way.


But, of course, most of the players doing just wanted quick loot.


Blame the devs for creating that loophole either on purpose or because of a lack of experience. 

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Re: I blame the community!

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To MalreDevylinFrownand all the entitled whiners)


So your logic is: It's the dev's fault for not designing a system for stopping someone from being a greedy *. How about if gamers stop being whiny entitled *? Maybe earn your loot? Play the game as intended and finish your missions? You don't go to a theater and then blame the director because someone in the audience talked on their phone loudly for 30 minutes. After all that director didn't stop that guy, how inconsiderate of him. 


Let me express this as clearly as I can, Just because you can do something. Doesn't make it a good idea. Doesn't make it acceptable. Doesn't make it right.


The choice of how you do things is what defines you, stop treating the online experience like it gives you an excuse to be an *. Accepting others doing so, is just as bad, as is defending them.


The developers shouldn't have to babysit you. Concept like honor and common decency exist for a reason, because it makes the world more tolerable for everybody. We each do our part, the world is more pleasant, everyone is happier. ...And then I can stop celebrating every time I watch a natural disaster wipe a entire city off the map.




An Old Man(and misanthrope)

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