I am done picking up data drives

by YAZtheYET1

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I am done picking up data drives

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I play by myself and every time i pick up a drive some other squad scans me repeatedly and then this bully squad hunts me like an animal not even giving me a chance to fight them off because they know exactly where i am and i do not have the same advantage. Please in the spirit of fair play remove this feature. people should be able to with deductive reasoning know even if they can't see it that a drive has been taken by noticing that the drive they locked onto is gone and know how far away the drive is from being told when they locked on to it and move to intercept the person or people who have it without having to repeatedly scan for it. This is supposed to be a game right so make it one and remove said feature so the game is fairly balanced and it will make it more fun for everyone except maybe the people who relied on that to bully people obtaining drives. And unfortunately drives and cars are of limits for me until this is fixed. the car thing is in a different posting. everyone stay safe out there and happy hunting oh I forgot you have to hunt a person with a drive is always seen.   

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