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Re: How to pass platinum III?

by AWOL_312

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Re: How to pass platinum III?

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@plivx wrote:
@AWOL_312yeah so basically people that camp and hide can get higher rank?

I don't care getting ranked up like that , I want to use my skills and kill people not just standing still and wait for my points to get up.

Basically that's how the rank system is set to be it's wrong.

I'm ok for having this kind of system till gold but when you reach platinum -3 points + having people with 10K kills on their counter, it's just stupid.

could you share your ranks people because seriously you are trolling or you must be some kinda aimbot or twitch guy.

I am gold IV since yesterday. 

To be honest i am not really happy about not having a de-rank system because i think i belong somewhere in the silver tier.

The main point, for me, is that with this system and thanks to the buff given to the ring people rather move instead of camping somewhere inside the ring; what i have seen so far is that now player spread all over the map instead of concentrating in just one spot so, if you are camping you have high chance to be found by someone moving around! 


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Re: How to pass platinum III?

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Nope, no way to get higher. That is the ceiling for random solo players.. sucks right, what a crap poorly designed ranked system Respawn have made.

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Re: How to pass platinum III?

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@BoaFang7 a least is working, hackers get banned so easy
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Re: How to pass platinum III?

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Hackers are everywhere especially at the higher ranks.

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Re: How to pass platinum III?

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I’m also stuck at platinum. It’s a camp fest for sure, everyone play for map postition and try to predict zone. I still have to adjust to the required tacticts needed to be comfortable here. It seems like the blatant aimbots are far between so something must have been done. Wall hackers feel common, but that’s just a feeling - although a strong one.


I suspect I’ll be stuck here until me and my friends adapt

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