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Re: How to obtain Prajector Pistol?

by agentCGBSpender

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How to obtain Prajector Pistol?

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I think there is a problem on how you get specific gun in this game , it's all luck-based ! There are 2 ways to get guns: 


1- loots : which is all luck

2- crafting : but to craft a specific weapon you must first obtain it from loot (pure luck) then kill with it 50 enemies to get its blueprint 


My problem I need Prajector Machine Pistol to get Straight Shooter trophy & didn't find it anywhere although I finish the story .... I don't know why aren't there normal weapons vendors like other RPG open world games? 

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Re: How to obtain Prajector Pistol?

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There's also the Artinia tomb in freeplay and Retaliation of Garretus could rotate into the regulator store. I believe you can use masterwork/legendary versions of items to complete the challenges but it's not something I have personally tried for. Other than that yes, what will drop is based on some RNG. The game is instance based action looter at core, not so much open world rpg.

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