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Re: How to get Legendary Items

by Noa12390

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Re: How to get Legendary Items

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Over 80 hours of gameplay and 0 - ZERO Legendaries. Nada, none, niente… Getting tired and bored.

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Re: How to get Legendary Items

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I was at a point where I was extremely frustrated and this is why I shared my experience, I totally understand how you feel.


How long have you been Level 30 for?


What is your Power Level?


What is your Luck percentage?


If you want, send me a friend request and I am happy to take you on Freeplay Archangelus70, stronger together Freelancer! Standard smile

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Re: How to get Legendary Items

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you also forgot pray to rngesus that *
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Re: How to get Legendary Items

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Good one Noa13290 Standard smile

Summary: There is definitely no quick win on this, get as close as possible 90% luck, play 1-2 hr uninterrupted in Freeplay, kill everything you encounter including small random groups, visit inactive dungeons AND pray to the Anthem! ha
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Re: How to get Legendary Items

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dont even need to be coordinated. its much easier to freeplay GM3 than stronghold GM2 i think. with 4 you rip through them.
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Re: How to get Legendary Items

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CitizenKaned75, I see what you mean but being coordinated means going through enemies quicker, therefore making the grind more efficient, that's what I mean Standard smile


And yes, totally agree that GM3 Freeplay is easier than GM2 Strongholds, 100%


Have you tried GM3 stronghold yet? (we did... regret eating that omelette...! ha)

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Re: How to get Legendary Items

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GM3 isn't that hard its the strongholds that are a lot tougher if your javelin is up to snuff and you adjust your tactics. But yeah GM3 free play is good. Wiping out lots of legendary and elite enemies seem to be one way to improve things.

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Re: How to get Legendary Items

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unfortunately this has what I have been doing since the night before the patch and 107 hours later.....I've looted ONE legendary shotgun. sure mw's galore for my int and storm, and even some for colossus and ranger but damn what do I need to do?

89% luck on my MW Interceptor and 81% on my MW storm and only the one. guess il keep chipping away since I really enjoy the game.

and before anyone ask im farming mostly gm2 and run gm3 with my squad when there on. freeplay for hours, SH's, contracts

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Re: How to get Legendary Items

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Yes need more legendary. Even with the improvement the chance of legendary is low especially on GM3 when that is supposed to be the point of GM3.

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Re: How to get Legendary Items

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qberry33, I genuinely am sorry to hear that because I know how it feels - that is genuinely why I posted this, because I had ZERO drops dor AGES but as soon as I started doing this I picked up 5 Legendary Items in one day.


To be fair, I only picked up 3 yesterday but that is better than zero, so it’s not like I am complaining.


The only thing I can about is making sure that you mix game modes up - if 2hrs of Freeplay is not fruitful, a few strongholds then Legendary Contracts, before coming back to Freeplay.


Again, you might be doing that already and I am so sorry if that doesn’t help because I was sharing the things that made a massive improvement to me.


A few more things I can think about:


1. The first freeplay session where I learnt a lot of what I shared was playing with the full session invited to join into 1 squad... stronger together?


2. I had recently stopped playing the Ranger before this happened - I had been playing for over 100hrs and like you I hadn’t been getting any Legendary. So is it worth you getting a second javelin up to masterwork with 80-90% luck and give it a go?


That’s everything else I can think about for now, just in case that makes a difference for you bearing in mind I have been playing about 170hrs so far and it had been well over 100hrs before I saw some Legendary Items (now have about 20 across all 4 javelins despite playing the Colossus only)


I’m going on now so feel free to add me on xbox and join me if you want to run a session with me Freelancer! 😊


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