Re: How to force logout on all devices?

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How to force logout on all devices?

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My account was hacked. After literal fight with some bot on ea support I got it back, new email, new passowrd, two step verifycation. But someone is still able to play on my account. I tried reaching support, but they're unhelpful bunch of bots. Literally the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I also wanted a rank reset, cause hacker got to diamond, when I'm casual bronze, but heh, EA support Standard smile
So I think this person still has login token? No matter what I do, I don't get logged off as well so I assume he's not too, and I'm trying to find a way to logout on all devices.
Please help

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Re: How to force logout on all devices?

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@say10q If you log into under the security tab on the left, there is an untrust option. If the account was secured and all info was changed with login verification added, no one else can get in as it would kick them and lock them from being online.

It would say something like you have been logged out as you were logged in elsewhere. If they keep logging in, they would still have access to the account which would need to have the extra security measures added.


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Re: How to force logout on all devices?

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Today I opened EA app, i saw Apex was played today, even tho I didn't open it up. Check match history and explain to me this game from today on octane with 30 kills Standard smile

Also there are no other trusted devices besides my PC 

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