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How to Improve Origin

by JackMack10

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How to Improve Origin

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How to improve Origin ? There was a survey a few months ago, I personally asked for mass effect dlc packs to be bundled, and it actually happened ! I'm sure other people asked for that, since individually buying points would have cost a small fortune ... anyways, I don't think Origins can take on steam in a head on battle, but it can certainly bring some unique games to the table, such as :


Chronicles of Riddick (got removed from Steam & GOG) 
Fable III (I would think Microsoft Store would jump at the opportunity to add it, but they didn't) 

Fallout 3 a version that works without tweaks or fixes after installation... 

Battle for Middle earth I & 2 (classic EA)

Medal of Honor Allied Assault & Command & Conquer series (widescreen)



*one of the coolest things would be to port the first Red Dead Redemption to Origin, especially since RDR 2 will come to PC later on. 



Point is, having unique games that work with modern systems available on Origin, would be of great help 



What do you think ? and what would you like to see ?

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