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Re: How many people does Apex games have Active?

by YoungSpawn89

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How many people does Apex games have Active?

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Is this game dying? Because Que time is not fast and I am in Nordic countries getting in que with NA people.

It used to happens 2.00 am but now it also 4.00pm.? Whats going on?

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Re: How many people does Apex games have Active?

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You shouldn't have any problems finding a match at 4PM in Europe. I guess you could try restarting your router if you think you may be having connection problems.

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Re: How many people does Apex games have Active?

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It just happens again, NA people. But No it's not my router, not having this issue in other games, since the player Base is fine in other games.


It's just the feeling that people moved on, and player base is : total new people (no Idea people) or the once who spend too much time and money and having a bad feeling leaving, Or people who don't master other games that good, because here, you can leave if you are "bad".

Or just jump out solo, total another place and destroy the around for others. 


And the season pass feel pointless, no Ranking or anything, allmost like another EA game..... Let me see Oh Battlefield. Since BF3 NO private servers, and no private matches.


But yea reseting my router would help, since I have don't the same problem in other games. I would give it a week or 2 more, and then I uninstall Origin Client. And yes I spended lot of money on skins. I must just look at it, like Red Cross donation and move on to something else,
Since - It feel like a console game with no rank and Just the moment fun. All friends moved back to other games, like the Major Streamers. In the end I must do the same. 


Thanks for helping Standard smile


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Re: How many people does Apex games have Active?

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player base would naturally decline with the amount of cheaters in this game


so good on you for moving on


some smartass would probably respond again saying how "i havent encountered a cheater blah blah blah" 

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Re: How many people does Apex games have Active?

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@warslag You shouldnt advise to users reset their routers it might can cause so much problem to their network. Resetting router basically its a removing all their ISP configuration , port forwarding, wifi configuration , QoS control and they will lose their authentication to connect their ISP.  Its not recommended to advise like that, its better to suggest reboot, flush dns, contact the ISP for port reset rather than disturbing custom configuration of routers. There is so many factors can cause if you disturb the routers that it act as gateway, not recommended.

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Re: How many people does Apex games have Active?

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@yaboizurc I totally agree, I have self Have 1200-1300 kills on BH and some hundreds on other charts, but and I have not played that much of the Battlepass + I had a break before battlepass. But it's clearly when some one cheat but hard to find out if reports work or not, Since it clearly not working in Battlefield and it havn't really worked since I cant remember. Maybe when we had private servers and we admin could look on the score and the demo to make up a temp ban or perm for the person that was cheating.

I just feel it meaning less. You play something to be good right? And maybe if you had the time to get on a team and go higher and end up making some money and get the Xp from doing that. And hackers / cheaters, would have a hard time at live tournament when admin look over your shoulder live.

But here ... I don't know. People can play this game if they want 1-2hr of fun, but I rather do that on console where there is no cheat.

I sit on a beast of a PC O.C. by myself too be capped on 144fps all the time, only because it would be fun if There was something about a league. Well I can only say good luck for the people who still play it, until they release after spending time and money on a game with no road to higher levels. Even stupid Overwatch have money, and that is Blizzard give less money for the PvP people in WoW and nothing for the HC raiders.

Have fun as long it's fun and people don't shoot you around the corner. Standard smile

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