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How many masterwork items are there supposed to be?

by Evilstans

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How many masterwork items are there supposed to be?

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I've been reading some of these posts, and there's talk of even legendary rarity.

So far i've gotten 5 masterwork weapons (I've collected at minimum 12 of some, over 30 insult and injury (once got 4 of this one in one expedition))

I've had about 4 masterwork components show up.


How many are there supposed to be, I would think they should have enough for each different epic, but i could be wrong.  If there is more, RNG must be seriously broken

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Re: How many masterwork items are there supposed to be?

Hey @Evilstans


I was able to find an Article that mentions all the Masterworks:


There are Legendaries as well, but those obviously drop less frequently due to being the highest Rarity.


However, they have more of a chance to drop in Grandmaster 2 and 3, so I've heard.




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